In the weeds.

My partner really loves watching cooking shows. The competitive ones, the travel ones. I like them but tend to only pay attention to rant about so and so being an elitist douche or when people say things i don’t like.

I have picked up this phrase, in the weeds. I love that phrase and will pay attention when sweating upset chefs are screaming it over steaming pans.

To use their phrase.

I am in the fucking weeds.

So I’m sorry if I owe you a message or email. I’m overwhelmed and freaking out and anxious and all of those things that make me tuck my head into my shell.

And I’m writing.

Some of it is shit. Some of it isn’t.

While I”m getting my shit together check out some of the things I’ve read recently and enjoyed.

If you’ve read me for a while you already know how I feel about Antonia Crane. Go read that entry of hers and tell me with a straight face you don’t feel the same way.

Next my dear friend artist UglyShyla is in dire dire need. A tornado hit where she lives over the weekend and a tree fell and hit her house. Please if you have some extra $$ head to her etsy shop and pick up one of her one of a kind art jewelry pieces or one of her dolls.  If you don’t have money please send the link to people.  The good news is her Mama and the animal critters (including the Infamous Painting Squirrel Winkle.) are all okay but they really need some help.

Via tumblr I have discovered Gabby Gabby and her Black Dot Series.  I downloaded what she has thee and I really like it. I find her poems visually interesting, I like how she uses language and I like the fact that she will show her fucking tits if she goddamn well pleases and let you know in clear concise language that she will. I like her a lot.

What else?

OH Sugar has come out of the closet. Her name is Cheryl Strayed and since I couldn’t be at her party I will say that in her pictures she has the kind of eyes I imagined. Get all of your fix at the Rumpus. 

Also go read this by my friend Mensah at Pank. I adore this piece. I like how he phrases things y’all know this.

I think Anna March and I found each other on facebooks.  She is terribly nice and she makes these nerdy mixtape lists on The Rumpus which okay, I have to confess I have the worst weakness for that sort of thing. She even has one for making a pie. She has done a lot of them that i love but this one is probably my favorite because duh pie.

Writing news from me?

I got one really sweet rejection for a story I wasn’t sure about showing anyone ever. That zine loved it but it wasn’t really for them which on another look I totally get.

The other day while I was at work and trying to get my brain to do something aside from misfire I asked tumblr what literary thing I should try out. I like to look up a device or technique every now and then and give it a shot. Someone recommended Second Person POV.

I read about it a little bit to make sure I knew what I was doing and for some reason second person said Dystopian thing to me. So I write the tiny piece you’ll find under the fold. Enjoy.


You know.

You know because you are fifth born, the first generation of us who has fully adapted to this new world.

The blood in your veins is thinner than your forebears, your eyes larger and your ears. Those precious ears that people in peacetime may have called jug ears.

Your magnificent ears mean that you will survive.

Some have called these changes mutations, genetic defects.
They cringe away when you remove your filtration mask and expose your lipless mouth and small nearly closed nose.

They cannot understand the mottled beauty of your skin and wet pink tiny pores, they don’t understand.

You are magnificent. You are the future and we the rest of us sad humans are the soon to be distant past.

We will wither and die.

We will succumb to the air and the starvation and the fires.

You, you magnificent evolutionary wonder will inherit the earth.

You know.

You know.


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