Potentially dumb questions and grinding.

Right now I am grinding.

I’m on a fairly hot ass rejection streak. I’m actually submitting some of the odd tiny tiny stories I’ve written.

I’m writing things.  Things are happening.

What else?

OH. For those of you fellow writers reading this can some of y’all tell me if you’re in PEN or AWP. Should I be doing that? I kind of want to join both but can only do one next month and I’m not sure if I really need either.

The thing I guess I’m thinking about is that I’m not really famous. I’m not a teacher. I’m not traveling and I can’t really afford to go to conferences and things so I’m just not sure if I should spend the money on memberships to those places or just keep doing what I”m doing and spend that money on something else.

I was going to join up with a local deal but it’s not really cost effective for me because all of the events I’d like to go to are at times I am at work. And I just cannot afford to drop major cash like that on classes I don’t really need.

I’m probably going to let my Writer’s Digest subscription lapse. I realized as I read the last issue that I just don’t really like it. It’s not really my flavor.

While I’m talking about spending money on this writing deal.

I really want a newish laptop. My bestie gave me an older one but Petunia isn’t really travel ready.  I want one so I can take some time before work and not at home to get some work done daily.

The thing is the older I get the more nervous I get about spending that kind of money on something like a lap top that is for writing.

I know I can and it’s you know part of my vocation. I know that in the bigger picture it would make a lot of things easier but they aren’t cheap.

I need to make a decision about these things so I can set my partner on find Shannon a cheap usable reliable laptop mission.

Now back to the grind. I have things to send to be rejected and whatnot.


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