Things to read.

OH right I did this on tumblr on Saturday but I”ll do it here too.

It’s a SALE. Not a super exciting sale but there you see my little chubby foot and here is a coupon code to get my little collection at Smashwords for 2.60$ ST29L. Go here, use that code and get yer discount.

Now things written by other people.

One of the first people to welcome me in the Fatty blogosphere was this lady, Lesley Kinzel. You can read an excerpt from her upcoming book at the Nervous Breakdown. Fat or no, I really highly suggest you read her blog, her book and things. Aside from being a super smarty pants, she’s actually a very cool person.  As a personal aside I listen to the podcast that the founder of TNB has and I wonder how uncomfortable he might be talking to or about someone who identifies proudly and loudly as being a fat person. Not a judgement call but dude has a lot of body things, uh yeah. Admittedly sometimes the way he talks about bodies that aren’t his own bothers me enough to skip some episodes of his podcast. I am very selective about certain media and my lit related media is no exception. I don’t wanna hear it dude.

Also go read this Notes from a Unicorn at the Rumpus. No really just go read it. It’s so rare to read anything a bisexual dude has to say, I love that this was published.

I was given some cash money by my partner for Valentine’s day, he had been saving up for a while and it was such a treat I”ve used most of it for non necessity type things. It’s important to do that every now and then, especially if you are the bread winner and financial life seems like it’s always serious fucking business. I bought Pank 6 and holy fucking shit it’s gorgeous.  It’s square and chubby, wonderful to hold. I’ve only seen Pank in print once, someone I know had a copy and that’s how I discovered it in the first place.  Pank is one of those zines that I feel like I’m an awkward 13 year old boy with a boner trying to look cool despite the fact that I have sweatpants on.  Ahem. Yeah.

Also there is a huge controversy going on in the erotica world right now because Paypal has put the hammer down on distributors like Smashwords and I need you to go read what Remittance Girl has to say about it.  I still don’t really have my feelings about this totally straight. On one hand I could have seen it coming. Paypal has always been weird about “adult” content and I feel like they are following places like Amazon with their policies.  That said I think it’s all shit. I would like for payment processors to stay out of the content of what I’m buying or selling unless it is you know actual illegal things like weed or body parts.

Recently I’ve started listening to Clarksworld Podcasts. This story I’ve listened to at least three times and it’s so beautifully done. You can read the text at the link and I really suggest listening to it.

Other things to read, go read this piece at Metazen right now. It’s really lovely.

What else? Oh I’ve been reading Alt Lit Gossip for a while and have to admit that 99% of the time I have no idea who they are talking about.

I think that’s all. I have a metric fuck load of things to get done today.

Oh also let me add that I am kind of mad that I’m not going to AWP even though I’m pretty sure I’d be too shy to talk to any of the writers I’ve met around the internets for more than like five minutes.


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