Words to read.

I’m the the throes of something, I’m not sure what so how about some things to read?

I downloaded the new chapbook by Gabby. Holly Go Lightly (go to the link to download the PDF).

I’ve read a good bit of her work and enjoy it. I will say that the color of this little book did sting my eyes a little bit. That is more to do with my current levels of fatigue and usual difficulty around that. Overall I like Gabby’s aesthetic and enjoy reading her work. Check her out.

Next go read this piece at Black Listed Magazine by Steve Calamars. I believe I found him via Dennis Cooper’s blog but I might be wrong about that.

Via DOGZPLOT I found this thingy about AWP. I keep having this recurring thought that I should go to this. I hear it will happen here in Seattle in 2014. If I have printed books of any kind by then maybe I will go.

Also even if you’re not an erotica author go read this post by Remittance Girl about the paypal bullshit.

Have I linked this before? So somehow via facebook I’ve met Anna March who is a pretty awesome person and yesterday or last week or -something- I reread this piece by her. It’s gorgeous.

After I read that I remember the other night that I got nominated by Junk for a Pushcart. I then realized that I still feel weird about that. Not bad weird just…wow holy shit that happened weird. I also haven’t been putting it in my author bio for submissions. Am I supposed to mention it?

What else?

Yes, I’m still crazypants exhausted.

Also let me say this publicly since I already said it to Anna herself. The last couple of years, I’ve started to find a community of other writers, female writers especially that feels like yes, these are my people. I think it started with my talented and awesome friend Haddayr and now holy shit. There are so many of you.

It’s so valuable to me to have that. I am so thankful that so many of you exist and for those I don’t send weird emails to thank you.

With that I’m off. I have shit to write. Things to do. Go read these things. Leave me links of things to read if you’re so moved.


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