I don’t understand.

I often don’t see people just saying I don’t get it.

So things I don’t understand.

I still don’t understand why any of us needs to give a shit about anything Jonathan Franzen says. 

Frankly we can put Franzen in with the 90 million other super famous white dudes who’s opinions I don’t really give a hot fuck about.  

This is probably part of my whole issue with celebrity in whatever form.

The fact is if I was in a room with Jonathan Franzen he would probably not speak to me or listen to anything I say. That dude will probably never hug me when I’m sad, never tell me the poem I wrote was kind of awful but endearing, won’t remind me to eat when I forget. 

I don’t know. I can’t really invest myself in the opinions of some dude I’ll never know.

So let’s talk about things I do care about and people I think matter and are pretty awesome.

First I made a new friend through Anna March who is also a new friend (this whole talking to other writers and having them be awesome thing is pretty cool) . Y’all should go read some Len Kuntz. I really like the way he writes. Go now.

Over at Atticus Review Jaime Iredell interveiwed Roxane Gay who if you don’t already love go love her now. No seriously you should. 

Via AltlitGossip  I just read this blog post about Why Alt Lit is important. This bit in particular speaks to me:

What remains for Alt Lit, now that it has established its Self as the OnLine Literary Movement par Xcellence, is to Diversify.

I really love seeing that acknowledged. I don’t know if I’m an Alt Lit person..but I like that.

Next via Mary Anne Mohanraj  I have been reading the website for DesiLit. I really love reading and hearing from authors in the Southeast Asian Diaspora.

Via PEN I read this about the event for Doing Time and I really need that book. I have had a long standing interest in the impact that writing and reading has on imprisoned people. 

Brett Elizabeth Jenkins co authored a book called  LOVE STORIES HATE STORIES, . I really like it you should read it. 

Mark Coker from Smashwords has issued a really fantastic release to authors about reversing the policies.  This is a pretty big win. Despite his initially problematic statements this redeems a lot. 

Lastly go read this bit by Remittance Girl about this paypal nonsense over at the Banned Writers blog.


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