I did things.

I finally figured out how to get my collection on Kindle.

You can pick that up here. 

If you click my name there you can also get a kindle subscription to this blog and my personal blog.

My birthday just passed and during my week of wanton spending (200$ to do with as I pleased) I picked up some books from ADP. I got a copy of Ayti by Roxane Gay and SENTENTIA #1.

Those along with my copy of Pank 6 make me feel crazy word rich right now. Anna also sent me a book so I have lots of lovely things to read.

I am a busy busy creature. Writing things.

I’m trying to balance things and it’s only going semi well. I don’t really know how to explain.

I don’t want to um, I don’t want things to happen in my universe. I want the world to slow down and retreat so I can sit quietly and think.

I’m overwhelmed by the world. I’m tired. All I want to do is read and write.

Hopefully I can get the second volume of wayward words done and out. I also need to get my shawls photographed, washed and packed up for sales. I really want that laptop.

I have about 300$ more to make outside of house/bill/medication etc money in order to make the laptop happen.

So if you don’t buy my collection please feel free to forward to friends. Mama needs a laptop.


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