In a tense room.

I was listening to Bookworm (I am a HUGE fan of that show) featuring Moshe Kasher, at one point in the interview Moshe was talking about a favorite moment in a room when there’s this tension where the crowd might love him or hate him. That thin line.

I love that he said that. I love that moment, that idea.

For me the moment when I know that I’m making a reader nervous or uncomfortable, when I now either they will walk away upset or come back intrigued is a good moment.

There have been precious moments when I’ve had an editor say things like a story or a line was like being punched in the face, or that they cringed, or blushed or got a hard on they had to take a time out to deal with.

I love that.

I’m greedy for it. I’m a junkie for feeling. I read the same way.

Make me uncomfortable. Make me squirm. Give me the weirdest boner.

In other news I’m getting close to finishing up my second collection. I’m including flash pieces from 25-1000 words. Some of the pieces are really old and I am really happy to still have them tucked away here and there.  As I’ve gone through this process I realize that I do actually really love showing where I came from and how I’ve evolved in my writing. I love showing the ugly pitted fail stories.

I’m thinking I have enough material to make it about 40K words which I’m pretty excited by. I’m including statements about some pieces. Others are nameless and being shown as is.

As I mentioned (if you come click the link on the right that says buy me) you can now get my first collection via amazon for your kindle.

Laptop fund is at 26$. I’m thinking of buying a chromebook.

Okay that’s all. Time to grind.



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