News, books, and stories.

I have lots of news.

First up my new piece in Milk Sugar. I was so happy they took this piece. I wanted so badly to give a different fat girl/lady narrative and from the feedback I’ve gotten thus far I made it happen. Here’s a taste:

People who haven’t seen me in a long time grin at me, they squeal and
congratulate me on my weight loss. They croon about how cute my brand
new ass is. Women take me by the elbow and lean in close, the levity gone
from their faces and they ask.

What else?

I busted my ass and finished my second collection.

Book cover for Wayward Words: Vol II

Click the image to get to Amazon and get it for Kindle.

Like the first collection everything is pretty much raw. I wanted to leave things as much as they were right after I wrote them as possible.  I had intended to put this out later this month but it felt incredibly pressing and important to get it out now.

This amazon publishing thing is kind of um..well yeah it feels a little like over paying to strip but whatever. Gotta get my hustle on.

Speaking of hustle if you do decide to purchase my book there, I’d be super excited if you purchased it through my Amazon Affiliate store. Frankly I wouldn’t make more than half a penny or so but every half a penny counts.

Just to show you what all this hustle is about this is what I’m saving up for:

That is the Acer AC700-1099 Chromebook.  For me it’s about all I need. I do like that I’ll be able to save my documents on the intertubes and not rely so heavily on shuffling things from hard drive to thumb drive to internet and back.

It’s light weight, cheapish. So yeah that’s what is happening.

A few people have asked (and it’s a little overwhelming) how to help support me. Honestly read my stuff. If you are feeling particularly flush you can buy something or send me a dollar through paypal.

I think that’s all for right now. I’m feeling wound up and I need to chill the fuck out.

Time to grind y’all. I am knee deep in fuck writing and I don’t want to stop.


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