For her pleasure.

Or mine rather.

Today a round up of literary and other things I find highly pleasurable.

First a link to another round up. Roxane posted this one over at Pank and it is full of deliciousness.

Go read Antonia’s post right now. Just. Go.

My friend Len Kunz placed second in this flash contest. The story and interview are very good go read them.

Y’all know I am still a big horror nerd and I regularly listen to stories from Psuedopod. This one Biba Jibun by Eugie Foster is one of my favorites.

Speaking of the Pod I’m also getting into current fantasy a little bit and this long story at PodCastle Buried Eyes is really good. From the stories I’ve listened to and authors I’ve checked out just from PodCastle I’m actually really sad I haven’t gotten more into fantasy fiction. I will write about why at another time.

Via Anna March on the facebooks I now really need this book the Night Swimmer. Admittedly I’m a big ole sucker for an excellent blurb, this bit: “the mysterious tragedy that shrouds its inhabitants and the dangerous feud between an enigmatic farmer and a powerful clan that has no use for outsiders.” That just delights me for some reason.

This story at Pank by Ashley Bethard is fucking beautiful. Shit man. We know I’m Pank’s obsessed stalker pretend girlfriend but god damn it the things they publish. I may never force my words on them again.

On Twitter I’ve stumbled upon the Safety pin Review. I love that they publish their stories on line and then people wear them. At first I read their about page and had a wtf moment but I think that’s actually pretty beautiful.

This piece at The Rumpus about William Gay filled me with a level of book lust that is almost rapacious. I am trying really hard to wait until after my partner and I have moved and settled down (we are not moving again for years if we can make it happen) before I start refilling my bookshelves with the entirety of any authors work.  Pieces like that make it hard though.

Lastly holy crap between my two collections I have sold about ten books which is nothing but everything.  I did not expect to sell any so I am very very happy about it.

You can get Vol. 1 here and Vol. 2 here. Both are for the kindle (app or desktop or actual kindle device thingy) and all proceeds go to get me a chromebook.

I will leave you with a link to the music that is acting as my current soundtrack.


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