You are ruining writing.

On Sunday I got an anonymous note about my collections.

The writer of said note stated they didn’t read them but, they are really angry about them.

This person said verbatim that I am ruining writing, that I am part of what makes all of “us amateurs” look stupid.

Ahem no.

See here is the thing. I did not present unedited work as being edited work.

Being that this person didn’t read my collection here’s a pro tip. I made a point to introduce the work the way I did. I deliberately did it this way.

It was not after the fact, it was not done as a way to hide my flawed “awful” writing.

The thing is Anonymous Angry Person, I am not ashamed of my first drafts, failed things and imperfect things. I’m just not. Some of those things were written more than a decade ago and it does make me happy to reread them and go, awww look at baby me.

I do stand behind and believe that honesty is often king and for me in this context it was needed.

If you really wanted to engage me or give me advice, or give any writer advice or admonish them try being accurate about what you’re pissed off about.

Come on dood, at least bring me something good.

Moving along.

I finally finished reading Sententia #1 from ADP.

When I buy a collection or anthology from a press this is what I want. This book is a diverse collection, there are different visual aesthetics, the stories and authors are diverse. I enjoyed all the stories got me in different ways. Shit I left the actual book at home but the last story in the book, yes. Yes more please.

I have been a fan of ADP for a while and I just realized how many PDF’s you can get from them to read. Go here. Read them.

Next up I read Shannon Peil’s new collection and shit I love his work. Get the PDF for free right here. I really love the illustrated PDFs athat authors are doing and I really dig Shannon’s work not just because he’s a Shannon too, nor just because he put me in  Via this (which I caught on Tumblr) I found Deckfight who is the press that put this out. Now I dig them too.  This bit from the collection, the phrasing fucking delighted me. I lingered on this bit:

if it was me in that box tomorrow and everyone was looking at you waiting for you
to talk about me what the fuck would you say

I saw on facebook that Len Kuntz got a book deal for his collection. I am super excited about this for purely selfish reasons.  Also you should go check out his work where you find it. It’s good thing.

There is a post over at HTMLGIANT about Marie Calloway. Read the post it’s a good one. Per usual some of the comments there are kind of beyond me but Marie herself said something I really like:

If you really think think that the struggle to not conflate sexual attention with worth as a person, for (some) women, equals “that is more like the ending of a television sitcom where the daughter who just turned 16 learns about her sexuality” I really hope you will not attempt to write about feminine writing ever again.

This part of her comment strikes a chord with me. I remember when I was first blogging on the internets and often wrote a lot about the sex I was having, fantasizing about etc I got some criticism from mainly other women trying to get me to confess to wanting sexual attention from the entire universe as if I’d been setting fire to puppies. It never fails to not amuse or surprise me when people decide how and when it is okay for women to talk about their own sexuality or the sex they are having or want to have or did have.

Also in the comments I saw some things I read as being really condescending. All because Ms. Calloway is young and some things have happened. I hate that part of internet culture. Also she seems to be a lot nicer than I am right now or when I was her age. I probably would have torn that person a new asshole for being an asshole. I don’t like how a lot of people talk to/about her. She is a person and if people don’t like how she writes or what she writes why are they reading it?

I really just don’t like it.

I don’t understand the need some people feel to be like that from some anonymous on high position. As much as I enjoy some critical conversation I can’t take it when it turns into some kind of neener neener I don’t like you circle jerk.

Fuck sake.

Okay I think that’s all for today. I’m not sleeping well again (shocking yes I know) and I feel mean and crazy.

Oh no wait one more thing. I have joined the cult of instagram and want to follow more people because I’m a nosy bastard. You can find me on instagram @weebeasty

One thought on “You are ruining writing.

  1. It’s sad that someone would write that anyway. I hope you continue with your writing. Draft stages should never be judges because they are draft stages, precisely.

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