Hustlin. Grindin..y’all know how I do.


So I am still crazy exhausted.

I should confess this means I am about 40% more crazy than I am usually which is really fucking crazy.

That being what it is I’m trying to make enough $$ on Smashwords to make having my book up useful.

To that end I’m running another coupon code through June 7.  Go here, drop my book into your cart and then use this code to get it for 3$, ZM25R.

What else?

Last night I started reading The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. I read Flaubert’s Parrot when I was in high school and loved it. I was really happy to get a copy of this book for Xmas and it’s lovely.

There is something about the alternating very British loveliness of the prose with occasional very British vulgarities that delights me as a reader. So far I’m enjoying the book, it is very much a pure pleasure read.

I’m still sitting on Ayti by Roxane Gay. It is such a pretty little book/I am torturing myself.

It occurred to me recently after doing my first phone interview (only tangentially related to writing I”ll explain later) I think I should be writing more non fiction. I need to finish my essay collection even though every time I look at a couple of the essays I want to barf on them. Why is writing the good shit so fucking hard?



I forgot what else I was going to say so nevermind.


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