Rejection Farm: The Everyone Ignores me Month.

Actually to be more precise this is not Rejection Farm this is LALALALALA I CAN’T SEE YOU FARM.

I have not recieved any new rejections or news since 4/8 and I have 7 pieces outstanding.

I am 98% sure that the most delayed (42 and 55 days past those zines usual rejection times) are going to be marked as lost/never responded on my Duotrope thingy. I will do that while I sit and go through the fifteen minutes of Anger, Butthurt, Hurt feefees and finally acceptance that no, no those stories really are probably awful and the editors were actually personally offended at having to read that bullshit.

I envision very dignified beardy men printing out my stupid email, they distribute pieces of it to staffers, interns and random strangers and everyone poops on the pieces. Then with an air of calm enraged dignity they flush.

As the echo of the flush dies, I hear a stentorian voice say, “and fuck you too little missy.”


Clearly I’m still really tired and crazy.

I was cleaning up some code on my website and see that (and yet I left the links up..fuck sake) some of my things are no longer available to read on the internets. That being what it is I think I am going to put some of those together and release them on smashwords.

Last night when I got home I tried to work on my essays.

I wanted to vomit and cry simultaneously like I was some poor knocked up girl in an after school special.  Lately I just can’t do it. I have tons of notes for the essays that Sarah helped me with and new ones. I keep wanting to write them but it’s all still to raw. I’d rather try and shove a pine cone up my ass sideways without lube than write them.

Gross I know. I’m feeling that flavor of honest today.

I think I am going to get together some more poetry submissions. I still feel funny submitting poetry given that I am not a proper poet.

Okay 6 submissions out. I just realized that one of my poetry submissions went to an editor who no longer works at that zine at all.

Now time to grind.




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