What Had Happened was.

Do you ever have one of those days when the shit people say to you or around you is so crazy and stupid you can’t even be mad?

I kind of feel like the whole internet is that today.

Between the crazy fucking racists proclaiming they aren’t racist whilst they are making Trayvon’s death into a meme a la planking, to the Trayvon shooting range targets to a friend of mine getting countless baseless bizarre racist messages from some self confessed suicidal pretend skinhead, I want to try putting heavy doses of Lithium or something into the internet because I am either way too crazy or not crazy enough for all that shit.

Aside from seeing all that shit everywhere, I got a very nice highly complimentary rejection for poetry today. It was probably among the most complimentary rejections I’ve ever gotten. The word haunted was used. Good times.

I’m feeling really needy lately. Not in a needy with people way but rather there are so many things I would like to have access to that I don’t right now. I’d like to go out dancing without having to throw elbows at horny frat boys who think my snakey hip movements mean I want to fuck.  I am that girl on the dancefloor, as much as yes sometimes I do like to dance real close with strangers, not every stranger can be all up on my ass. There are times when I could go without feeling some strange hard cock in the middle of my back.

Thus the elbow throwing. I’m only 5’3″ so for most men when I throw it, it hits them right in the sweet spot in the diaphragm and they grunt and back away. I’m also notorious for accidentally spilling drinks on crotches and stomping insteps.

I’m not really a nice girl.

I will throw all my fatness around if I need to.

I also want to spend these warm late afternoons sipping iced coffee outside somewhere and reading or writing.

I spent a little while doing that today and it was lovely.

Picture of a giant cup of coffee on the left and a notepad and purple ink pen on the right.

Pictured is the fits and starts of a sci fi/dystopian story idea I’ve been pecking at.

Today I need to get out a couple of submissions and finish work on a few things.

I’ve been writing a lot from my mean (not in a gossipy teenaged mean girls but in an aggressive I want to punch you place) angry girl place. Aggressive fucked up and fine with it lit.

Cunt lit as I deemed it a few entries ago.

I think that’s all for right now. Tomorrow I”ll post a round up of some of the stuff I’ve been reading around the internets lately.

I highly suggest reading Jerry Stahl’s second installment of OG Dad on the Rumpus. Shit I love that man.


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