What I’m reading.

Since I posted last night I just want to do a little round up today of what I’m reading right now.

First up, y’all know how I feel about Jerry Stahl. Go read ALL the things over at the Rumpus by him if you’re not familiar with his literary work. I can’t with him today, the third installment of OG Dad made me want to smooch his girlfriend then do as she did and laugh in his face.

Next, I read about this first on facebook and have been following it. Please, take this as a cautionary tale. What happened to this poor authors work is awful. Check out the stuff Nick Mamatas (another author I dig) has written about it.

Muumuu House posted this link on tumblr last night and given that I’m not a Thought Catalog fan, I missed it when it was posted originally. This piece by Megan Boyle just delighted me to no end.

This piece by Roxane Gay at the Rumpus, god damn it. God damn it this is why I can’t be talking to other authors because I keep just stopping myself from sending her another gibberish filled fangirl squee email of doom. This essay, you need to read it.

Via Alt Lit Gossip  I found TMD writes on Tumblr. I really enjoy seeing what other people are reading (as in I’m really nosy) and what they like.

My friend Athena has started a new lit mag called Linden Avenue. They are open for submissions for the debut issue. Check it out.

Blackberry lit mag is also still open for submissions. They are the place for Black lady authors.

Remittance Girl made an interesting post about her own work years after the fact. Interesting tidbit, Gaijin was the first piece of her work I ever read. As they say in rom coms the rest is fangirl ass over tea kettle love history.

Over at Zouch there is an essay called Six Songs for Crying In The Shower by John Thornburg. I really like it a lot. If you don’t reach Zouch you should check it out.

I think that’s all. I have work to do and stuff to read. No lit news of my own right now.

Radio Silence continues. Later this week I’ll do a calls for submissions round up of things I find interesting.

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