Close my eyes.

First I urge you to listen to Sir Anthony Hopkins reading T.S Eliot.

There are few things I love more than being read to by someone with a beautiful voice.

It’s probably not super clear reading my work but I am heavily influenced by a lot of poetry.

Go read this post by Roxane and do read the comments.

Reading this, I stand by my suggestions from my previous entry about the VIDA count/inclusion.

I still shake my head when editors want to say they don’t know what to do.

I have faith that editors are smart and understand that it takes work to make change. It takes being really uncomfortable and sometimes yes your feelers are going to get hurt because the shit is fucking hard.

I am honestly at the point with the intersections of race and gender etc where I just want to shake people and tell them to put their big girl panties and hard hat on, deal and shut the fuck up.

Get Metal. Get Punk. Get Gangster. Do what you gotta do but seriously. Put on a cup and take it then work it out.

I can’t with all that right now.

I need to not let that percolate anymore today.

I’m going to write instead.

Junkie love.

Sometimes a voice, a narrator pops in my head. This one she’s soft spoken but insistent. It started earlier today as I was watching a couple of old old junkies. They reminded me of this junkie I used to hang out with in my early 20’s. He was one of those NY impossible to kill types. I remember he used to buy me breakfast every now and then because I actually liked his stories. Most of them were probably bullshit but I loved them.

My favorite thing about him though was how straight he was with me about being a junkie. We talked at length about drugs and the drugs I was doing and the ones he was doing. We talked in that very straight forward way that is the best.

I digress.

So this couple was counting out their pills for the rest of the day and deciding whether to buy two more or go buy some cookies.

I realize that no their relationship is most likely not like that all the time. That said, sometimes between some people that moment is really sweet. Again my fucked up view of romance wins the day.

So I’m writing this story.

Junkie love. Girl Girl -Sugar Daddy weird fucked up love.

I still haven’t decided if it works.


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