Give me it.

I am really greedy when it comes to books. Out of everything else in the world I love having and buying my own books most of all.

Yes I think libraries are awesome but sometimes I need my own copies of things.

I’m hoping that my partner and I will be able to move in the fall and one of the first things we talked about was me having proper bookshelves.

If things go the way I’m hoping I will have budget for some of the little beautiful indie books I see other people have. I might be able to afford lit mag subscriptions.

So yeah.

I’m fantasizing.

In other news I released a short story on Smashwords.

I decided to experiment and use a plain no frills no models cover. You can get some hot hetero smut for a dollar.

A couple of people have read it. One somewhat close friend said that she thought it was hot but too dark and it made her uncomfortable that it’s dark and still erotic. I kind of had to laugh a little bit. I had to tell her my writing is probably not for you and she fell over herself for a minute trying to be nice.

It wasn’t such a bad moment.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that my audience is not everyone and not everyone is my audience.

It’s okay.

That was one of those (at the time) earth shattering realizations about ten years ago. It upset me at the time but as I get older it feels good and right.

I was going to talk about something else entirely today and I forgot. Tomorrow I’ll come back and see if I can remember.


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