All the self promotions shall be mine.

First up my piece at the Molotov Cocktail is up and you can find Flirt here. That piece started out life as a little writing exercise that kinda went left.

Wanna read a hetero flavored dirty story for a dollar? If so you’re in luck because I happen to have one available for purchase via smashwords.  Buy it here and enjoy it with your pants off.

And lastly as ever you can buy my unedited raw Wayward Words collections here and here respectively at Amazon. They are kindle editions but you can download a kindle program for your desk top and phone so I’ve learned.

In other announcements I will be in Smokelong as I mentioned AND I got a very nice poetry acceptance from Randomly Accessed Poetics.

Other news: I have four submissions currently out and I am out of polished work to submit. Being that I’m back from vacation I’ll be gussying up some finished work and I plan to be back on submission/erotic novella writing schedule by the end of the week.

Per my Duotrope stats my current stats are:

Overall Fiction Poetry Non-Fic
Pending Submissions: 4 4 0 0
Sent Past 12 Months: 56 45 11 0
Sent This Month: 0 0 0 0
Acceptance Ratio: 20.5%* 20%* 22.2%

I’m pretty pleased with that. I have yet to try out their non fiction searches etc because my essays and I aren’t speaking right now.

Not much else to report. I’m a little sad that the nastier of the commenters from my Root interview did not even try to engage. It reminded me that there is just no rationality when talking about or to fat people. Oh well can’t say I didn’t try.

Although I suspect that part of that problem is that I present rational humane things and people don’t like talking about how badly they behaved or treated people.

I expected as much after all these years.

I started a new essay about being a fat bitch. I may actually finish and shop that one.

I think that’s all. Please read my things and share them with your friends.

Tomorrow I will promote ALL THE OTHER WRITERS. So writers reading this if you have a project, thing or something you would like plugged drop a link or note in the comments and it shall be done.


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