Wherein I declare myself Cunt Lit Queen.

Back in this entry, I decided to call my writing Cunt Lit in a cheeky tongue in cheek way.

This is the sort of thing I say all the time because it delights me.

Earlier today while I was looking through my folder of finished/almost finished work here’s what I found, thematically speaking.

  • Aggression
  • Rage
  • Pussy
  • Cam Girls
  • Pussy
  • Gay sex (dudes)
  • Rage
  • Rage
  • Fuck
  • Rage
  • Pussy

I’m exaggerating but only a little bit. Some of it is fiction, some not.

Then I quoted the Vagina monologues to my lady friends apropos of not much.

People declare all kinds of shit all the time. And given my clear vagina obsession why not?

As of today I am the Queen Matriarch of Cunt Lit.

In other news I have gotten the loveliest feedback about my piece at Smokelong. That feels really good.

I seem to be out of most finished/ready to submit things which feels odd. I need to get cracking.

Aside from pussy I’m working on a horror story idea that I’ve been poking at trying to figure out the voice. I think I found it. I am actually right now almost (99%) done editing my essay about madness and terror and Mr. Styron.

I want more sex in my literary writing. I want it hotter. I want it written better. I don’t want it shuffled away or declared something to be snickered about or embarassed about.

That is a whole other entry.

I need to get back to work.

At some point I feel like I want to talk about some stuff I’ve read lately. I’ll do that.

Right now though back to the grind.


I don’t expect anyone to address me as the Queen Matriarch of Cunt Lit nor do I expect anyone to use the term. This is what happens when I’m exhausted and thinking/writing about pussy too much.


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