About her mouth.

First I want you to watch this video by Gabby.

i will write a nature poem about feeling grateful for my mouth from Gabby Gabby on Vimeo.

I like how Gabby write. I find this poem video thing actually very charming and lovely. The poem itself is made by her reading it and the video. I am no poetry critic or other such fancy person but I do know what I like.

For a lot of poems I’ve read I always feel like I want to hear and see the author. I like how she reads her own work.

I saw this video first on HTMLGIANT and again I have that feeling about people.

The way some of the people in the thread talked to/about Gabby just irritates me. I have seen people speak to/about Marie Calloway the same way.

I find a lot of the “criticism” steeped in what feels to me like school yard let’s all pull the cute girls hair.

I also have to wonder if Gabby was unattractive or fat and old like me would any of those people have watched or listened?  If Gabby wasn’t young and pretty would people take her at her word and see it as something experimental and arty?

I’m not totally sure what I’m trying to say here.

Moving along.

I’ve read more of Gabby’s work. Find some here. 

From her work Holly go lightly which I read a while back I really love this:

Sometimes I feel like my entire life is a performance art piece or TV show that no one is watching.

I really enjoy the movement of the way she uses first person in her work. It makes me aesthetically happy.

I appreciate that her work in general and more so when she’s reading it out loud with the tinkly music she seems to favor, has a vulnerability that isn’t steeped in a sense of helpless girl type tropes. I like that fragility that has a feeling of a spine behind it.  I really enjoy people who are not always presenting themselves to the world when they are feeling fly.

I like what Gabby is doing. Tits and all.

I would like to talk about work like Gabby’s, boobs and poems in some environment that isn’t full of bullshit. I want to not have to wade through what seem like angry words just to be shitty or condescending. Does that happen?

Am I having a moment of pure fantasy?

I dunno.

Anyway. Go read her work. It’s quite lovely.


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