Reads and things.

I just read the proof of my interview for Smokelong.

Reading it over made me nervous. I’ll post the link and stuff when it’s all ready to go.

What else?

Oh right reading.

I finished reading The Sense of An Ending by Julian Barnes last night. It’s a small book and I took my time reading it. Something about Barnes Britishy (yes that is a word shut up) prose, the mix of fine beautiful sentences with those Britishy vulgarities just tickles me to death. The ending though, that ending took me entirely by surprise. I actually sat in my tub without water for a good fifteen minutes so I could reread the last twenty pages to make sure what happened is what happened.

I really love how the narrator is so puzzled at times but quietly persistent. A little creepy but it’s a charming kind of creep. And then at the end a wallop of unanswered questions. There is something so fine and beautiful about a story that makes me want more so badly I almost hate the story. I love that.

What else?


I saw this via HTMLGIANT and kind of chuckled to myself. It’s the What Exactly is Alt Lit? A Conversation With Frank Hinton, Noah Cicero and Stephen Tully Dierks. 

I had to chuckle to myself a bit because this part as said by Noah Cicero pretty much sums up why Alt Lit in general tends to get stuck in my craw:

Sorry for writing so much, but I feel that this needs to be said, in my heart. But the alt way, is that you live differently. If you go into an alt person’s home and watched how they lived, they are eating alt food from Whole Foods, there isn’t even a television, especially not with cable. They are listening to obscure bands or older music no one even cares about anymore. There is a bookshelf with poetry and philosophy. If they listen to the news they get it from Amy Goodman not Wolf Blitzer. They aren’t concerned with getting huge mortgages and life insurance plans. When they hang out with friends, they are philosophizing, not having idle talk about the latest Will Ferrell movie. Some are having weird sex, some are eating vegan, some are doing loads of drugs, some are traveling to Europe, others to Asia, others around America on a shoestring budget, some are spending their summers gardening, this isn’t just about literature.

To say I am none of those people, those are not really my people really underlines my earlier confused feelings about the whole movement thing.

I was thinking about this last night on my way home and was still chuckling to myself about it. Maybe it’s because I was born a little old lady or something else but I think as I am not sure if I said in a previous post, is that this Alt is not quite an Alternative.

Also a sign of my age once upon a time when I was in my early 20’s I probably would have felt very freaked out about that feeling of not quite being in a given demographic/lit movement. Now I just kind of laugh at myself because it is really absurd how serious I can be (in my head) about things that don’t actually matter in the actual facts of my life or my writing.

This is one of those parts of my personality that even with years of discouragement and fighting I’m probably never going to change. I like to chew on things until I figure them out. The internet and blogging for (holy shit) about ten years has really helped me do these things without driving myself crazy. I like to write it down where I can get back to it later.  Also I am deeply thankful I’ve learned not to take myself so fucking seriously.

I’m a funny mother fucker.

Moving along.

Oh back to the Barnes book for a second. The typeface in it was so pretty. I’ve been considering type and fonts for a bit and there’s a version of Bookman I am in love with and want for the text in my chest piece tattoo. I am such a lover of the differences in type if various books. There are certain books I have multiple copies of only because the typography is different, the bookplates are different etc. Occasionally it’s the paper.

A last book nerd thing, I really hate movie tie in covers. I really do.

And my attention is wandering. I wanted to talk about something else I read but I started writing something and it demands my attention.



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