Links n things.

A few links and things.

I really want to talk more about race in the lit world but I can’t today I’ll just get too pissed off.

Instead how about some links?

For a group I’m in on facebook I made a little short writing resource list with free to use resources for writers. You can download the PDF here.  You can share this with people. Don’t sell it  or take credit please that’s not cool.

Do you know and love some authors of color? Go to the Rumpus and put them on the list.  I will probably talk more about how non POC need to come at this list and lists like it and why it is important to do but not today.

If you haven’t already you really need to go read the Hip Hop issue of Specter. No really you do it is really fucking good.

Also check out NAP 2.7. I really love how NAP is laid out. I dig it.

This is old but bears rereading. This interview with Erykah Badu in Vibe from 2010 is really good. Normally I take issue with the writing in Vibe but yeah. I like it.

You should go check out Linden Avenue and then submit. I’m super excited to be in the next issue and you should submit too.

Blackberry is also accepting new submissions. This is a super opportunity for Black women to have their own space in the lit world.

On the personal front no news. I’m still waiting for answers to the last three queries I sent but I think those are gonna be a bust.

I think that’s all for now. I have some work to do today.

Also don’t forget you can buy stuff I’ve written check the links on the right.

OH one last thing. My crocheted shawls/goods shop is SO close to opening. I’m very excited of that and am really happy to be able to make a little money doing something that makes me calm.



3 thoughts on “Links n things.

  1. Wandered here from your comment on The Rumpus, and I wanted to say here instead of there (in the interest of not getting too off-topic) that you were more reasoned with your response re: the usefulness of the list than anything I considered saying. So thanks.

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