All you mother fuckers.

Not really.

Well sort of.

Menstrual angst aside I keep seeing things that make me just mutter, you mother fuckers.

So I need to call an embargo on certain media. News, most of facebook etc.

There is also the matter of my personal aggression and me needing to funnel that less into trying to punch anyone and more into writing. It makes life easier to live.

It’s just a fact of being me.

In other news I have an upcoming in depth review/talk about my dear friend Anthony’s erotic novel The Escapists. Hint, it is very good and you should buy it.

If you’re in a mood for more smut you can still get my short smutty hetero flavored erotica story on smashwords as well.

Via Art Faccia, go read this interview with Milcah Orbacedo and Alana Noël Voth about a short film based on one of Alana’s stories.

I met Milcah on the intertubes and this bit of something Alana said really speaks to me on a very deep level. It resonates.

My story is full of things people don’t want to see, so I put that stuff out there to test my own comfort level as well as everyone else’s.

After all of my yammering and tussling with Alt lit, it is this resonance and moment where I find myself nodding out of a little painful twinge or that feeling of yes, yes type affirmation is what I’m missing when I read Alt Lit.

Amazing that something so simple, that such a pure simple feeling clears up everything.

That feeling is why I like Milcah and her camming and reading to her customers.

I think that’s all for now. I need to go write, I’m working on something for Milcah and something else I might submit elsewhere.

OH one other thing. I got a 50 dollar payment from something I wrote like 3 years ago, was unable to collect payment and forgotten about. I really needed that because after my last bit of dollars in the paypal I had to transfer some money to my bank account to pay for some foods and had enough left over to pay my hosting bill. This round of serendipity money went for personal care things and I bought myself one treat thing.

Unfortunately I had to spend the proceeds from my amazon sales and smashwords and the donation I got on needed things rather than shuffling funds into my save for a laptop fund.

I hate summer. Summer always means I’m broke and scrambling to keep my partner and I in underwear and food. BUT on the other hand I know that things will ease up in October and November so there’s hope.

I’m still delighted when I get paid for my work. I hope that feeling never stops and that it starts happening more.


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