Self Promotion Tuesday.

So y’all.

I have not been able to get my shawl thing up and running yet. SO many reasons.

That being what it is how about some writings by yours truly?

For .99 cents a month you can subscribe to my regular blog Nudiemuse..Daily Nattering on your Kindle. Holy crap right? More? YES much more. You can also get my writing Blog on your kindle for wait for it…99 cents y’all.

Want something to read right now?

I got what you need.

You can get my first tiny collection Wayward Words Vol I right here. Already have that one? But WAIT you can get Vol II as well, holy shit!

In the mood for the special tingle in your pants? I got something for you too. Right this way a hetero flavored smutty story. Holy crap? Want a tidbit?

I do what she says and lace my fingers behind my head. Her brown body gleams in the early morning sun slanting through the window, when the fan passes her nipples pucker and she tilts her head back.

YEAH baby there’s more where that came from and you can get Morning Heat right here for how much? .99 cents.

Can’t buy right now?

Totally okay.

Feel free to signal boost, send the links to your friends who like a little smut with their literature. Share on yer social media if you want. Go nuts!

Thank you as always for your support.

I am working on a new non smutty release for Smashwords. A little retelling of the Siren myth. Want a bite of what’s to come?

Fuck getting her a record deal he wanted to marry her and start his own label.  He wanted to worship at her boot-clad feet.  Hell he’d have killed every bastard in the place including Magus for just one more song.

Now if y’all will excuse me I need to get some shit done.


You know how it is.


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