Rather than that.

Before I get back to regular posting someone asked me a very salient question.

They didn’t want the question printed but to sum up this person thought to take me to task about freedom of speech.


Listen. We Americans can say whatever the fuck we want to.

That includes Ms. Foyt and whomever disagreed with my post, and everyone else.

BUT, free speech is not simply a right it’s also a responsibility.

Being able to write whatever you want does not protect you from the consequences of writing whatever you want.

Essentially, while yes I would stand in front of Ms. Foyt and holler down anyone trying to silence her, I would still take issue with a lot of things she says.

You don’t get protection from yourself nor from people you piss off.

I am not buying her books. Nor am I giving any links to her huffpo articles (slick self promotion, I do respect the hustle). If someone wants to change my mind or wants me to do a full length book review buy me the book.

I do have some other big sized book reviews coming. The ever amazing Tristan Taormino is sending me (OMG I fangirl squee’d I’m a big of of her work) a book to review, I’m working up a good long review of Anthony’s book. Tomorrow I have some craft notes.

Now how about some non rage reading?

Oh wait shit did I tell you guys?

I got invited to do my first author reading in Portland and I’m doing it. October 15th will find me in the company of some people I really dig, reading fiction. Holy shit right?

Okay before I Get to links I should confess something. You regulars know how I am so work with me here.

The past let us say two years have been strange in my writing career. Frankly having authors I admire and respect like my work and seek me out to talk to me gives me feelings that I don’t know what to do with.

I want to say that a big part of it is social media. With little effort on my part I am easy to find on the web and because of that have gotten some really beautiful and sweet notes from people I don’t know personally who like my writing.

So right. The. Reading.

Right now all I can focus on is what to wear. My Serious Sparkle Femmeness demands it. I’m thinking there will be skinny jeans, hooker heels, almost black lips and lots of cleavage. I wanna look pretty for my ladies.

As for what I’m reading I have a good idea. I’m putting it to a vote among some very close friends.

Okay now what to read in the meantime?

How about some book recs?

Let’s talk about Manic D Press today. I have been reading their books for shit, more than a decade and I have enjoyed every book from them I’ve read. That is no small thing. I highly recommend the Insomniac Reader, Concrete Dreams, anything by Beth Lisick, Cottonmouth Kisses by Clint Catalyst, I really want to read FAST FORWARD: Confessions of a Porn Screenwriter by Eric Spitznage and WOMEN OF THE UNDERGROUND: MUSIC Cultural Innovators Speak for Themselves – interviews by Zora von Burden.

Since I’m on a publishing houses I dream about being published by. Let’s talk about Akashic Books shall we? Here have a look at their whole catalog (that I would like to own). I have read non fiction from them fiction, the noir series. Their books are always quality. I can’t even narrow it down to one. Just pick one that tickles your fancy and buy it. It’ll be good.

I have work to do. So go look at this trailer for Lydia Lunch. It’s amazing.


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