Free smutty read: A JO scene.

How about some gay smut?

Hot man on man action. There is more for this but I’m not going to post it yet. So suffer.

Or enjoy.

Touch yourself.

Do whatever you want.

“And then what happened?”

I didn’t plan on jerking off while he is talking in my ear. Just a few minutes ago I undid my zipper because it was starting to hurt and now my hand is on my cock, not stroking yet.

“What do you think happened? I punched him in the fucking mouth. You know how I feel about getting stiffed.”

As he says stiffed we both giggle like boys. His hand creeps over mine and his fingertips brush the head of my cock.

I blush.

“I um, I-“

before I can stammer out some reasonable excuse he kisses my ear.

“Just shut up. Let me finish.”

While he works my cock free of my pants and underwear I relax against his chest. He uses his strong wide fingers to milk my cock to full hardness while he continues his story. The words aren’t even important, my eyes are closed and I feel the bass rumble of his voice in his chest vibrate against my face.

He is so strong, so much stronger than me I feel small and vulnerable in his arms. I feel him chuckle when my cock jumps and strains in his fingers. He knows his cues and he switches positions, he manhandles me until I am cradled against his chest. He uses one arm to hold me tight and the other hand still works my cock.

“Oh, yes. Tighter.”

My world has shrunk to my cock and the feeling of his arm squeezing me. Everything else is gone, even the phantom tingling where my feet used to be is gone. I don’t even know what he’s saying now.

His magic hand does what it does best and just when I’m on the cusp of an orgasm he flicks his blunt dull fingernail across the head of my cock and I lose it. I make one holy hell of a mess, he is grinning proudly as I splatter his forearm and both of our stomachs.

“Good boy. I like it when you spray. Someone has been hydrating well.”

When he says Good boy that way I blush with pride and reach for him. I want to show off a little bit, I’ve been working out and have gotten most of my upper body strength back.

“May I?”
I don’t mean to sound so timid but he likes it. He nods and folds his hands under his head while I go to work.

Kneeling between his spread thighs I pop the first few buttons of his fly and lean over to nuzzle the tuft of hair sticking out of the waistband of his boxer shorts.

I feel his belly tremble when I scrape my teeth just under his waistband, I look up at him and smile,

“it’s going to be a long night sir.”


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