Stuff I like.

Let’s do a link round up of lit stuff I like.

The Winners of the 2012 storySouth Million Writers award were announced. I read all of these and am super happy about the winner. Go look it’s pretty cool.

BlackBerry lit mag has extended the call for art and photography. Get details here.

Go watch this video with Nalo Hopkinson talking about ability/disability. Um….can I say I have kind of a crush? Cause yeah I do.

Speaking of people I find beautiful and too smart for me to ever talk to a lot, I’ll do a review of Ayti by Roxane Gay. Another long one. Honestly, a lot of her work gets to me but one of the stories in this book stabbed me right in the feelings. Right in the heart. It was good I needed it.

Go read M. Christians latest Confessions of a Literary Streetwalker post on the ERWA blog. Whether you write erotica or not I highly suggest following his talk about craft. Seriously.

Speaking of craft.

I was talking to an old friend a while back about some of the stuff we wrote when we were kids.

He reminded me of the entire alt. history I wrote. I wrote it from about 1760 BCE to the year 2001 or so. I don’t think I have the whole thing anymore. It was good, I wrote the entirety of a religious thing to go with it. All for a novel that I never wrote. This is why my ideas about fantasy and horror can be so fucking complicated. I’m still not sure how to simplify my ideas in a way that still gives the reader my version of these myths and the history and still makes sense.

I would like to learn how to defeat my own nerdiness so I don’t get bogged down in details only I really care about.

I think that’s all for now. I will probably post more smut later this week if I finish my self care guide.

I think the next installment I will play with POV and make it more asshole centric. I feel like there’s just not enough asshole centric smut lately.


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