How not to handle it when shit goes wrong.

I need to revisit that Pearls bullshit for a moment.


Weird Tales had at some point come out with a review backing that book. The original post was deleted but you can see a cached version here.

Now apparently according to folks around, the magazine was warned against doing this for reasons that are probably fairly clear.

Go read this it’s quite nice.

Now in the comments of the apology this gentleman is not handling this well.

In this case getting caught supporting some bullshit is one of those times to swallow the clever comebacks and whatnot and say we really fucked up. We’re sorry. We fucked up.

It would be even better to see something like this:

We’re sorry.
We should not have gotten all cozy with Ms Foyt without doing some research first.
From now on instead of ignoring every piece of criticism out there, we will do our own research and not denigrate the “haters”.

That’s all.

It is shit like this that goes a long way towards making me really uncomfortable writing or reading genre fiction beyond horror fiction.

If all else fails JUST say you’re fucking sorry and shut up.

Given the apology and the responses, I will honestly never read Weird Tales again nor will I ever submit there. I have a long memory and am not shy. I will steer other authors I feel may be uncomfortable there away as well.

I feel like this happening was somehow serendiptious because I was going to post something about race and whatnot and literature but felt unfocused.

This gave me some extra focus.

I was doing some market research earlier today and as I was looking at the editorial preferences of one mag, I noticed that the 25 authors they listed as their favorites all of them were either Old White Men (Hemmingway, Mailer etc) and a few contemporary highly educated White Dudes. Along side that there was some pithy statement about how much they love and value “other” voices.

I went on to read about six back issues and well their “other” voices are pretty much only a scarce few highly educated White Ladies who write Fucked up White Dude with issues fiction.

Can you see where there is some cognitive dissonance going on for someone like me?

Now again I will say there’s nothing wrong with fucked up White dude fiction. I write some of it myself. However when every story is about the same demographic and every story revolves around nice White people who are struggling because they don’t live in the suburbs or don’t want to do anything after college- just admit that’s what you do and all that you do.

I hate seeing these statements talking in passionate ways about the other and seeing no back up of those words.

It’s not just that one magazine it is a lot of them that I read.

It’s frankly demoralizing.

From my perspective if you can’t be actually inclusive, at least be honest about not being very open to diverse narratives. Save some folks like me some time.

Alternately you could do what Weird Tales has done and make a big old fuck up and not clean up your own shit.

fuck sake.

Okay that’s all.

No wait, you can STILL buy my little self care guide. Still only 2$ and written for everyone, including you.


5 thoughts on “How not to handle it when shit goes wrong.

  1. Mab Browne

    You were doing really well in examining this situation until you put the ad for your own book in at the end of your essay.

    1. Wait so I’m not allowed to promote my work in my personal blog? Are you serious? This is my personal blog not a literary magazine. Also this is a blog post not an essay. If you’d like to read an essay I’ve written I can direct you to it. I can also direct you to actual literary magazines that publish very good essays.

      Also me promoting my own work in my own space has little to do with whether or not I had a point here. That is highly insulting and frankly if you don’t like how I operate things here feel free not to read my blog.

      1. Mab Browne

        This is indeed your space, but some things don’t go well together. I was entirely serious and non-sarcastic about saying that I thought you had done well in expressing issues to do with the Weird Tales situation and John Harlach’s response. I stand by my opinion however that ‘serious discussion of serious issues, btw buy my book’ are two flavours that do not go well together.

  2. If my post isn’t your flavor you are free to find another one. Directly from my what is this page:

    Here you will find musings about writing, rejections, markets etc. Sometimes I will post more snippets from my travel notebook. Things might get politic, things might get dirty. There is no telling.

    I do mean that. I will do what I want with my space including promoting projects I am really excited about on any entry I please.

    I am not to everyone’s liking and that’s fine. However I don’t appreciate being told how to use my own space. Feel free to write your own essays or blog posts about this and do as you like. That is the great joy of having so many things to choose to read on the internet.

    For views that may be more suited to your tastes:

    Any further googling I’m sure you can do yourself.

    Good day.

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