In over my head.

I’m feeling overwhelmed right now.

I’m trying to figure out the mechanics of making the thing I want to sell at my table in Portland and I am totally in the fucking weeds here.

I am trying very hard not to get too upset with myself. I’ve never done this before and I need to calm my shit down. I have a bad habit of getting very angry with myself when I’ve disappointed myself or I think I should be able to do something.

So rather than doing that I’m going to get together some of the things involved and work it out.

How about some stuff to read?

  1. I have sold almost 200 copies of my little self care book. How fucking crazy is that? Do you want a copy? For two bucks you can get yours right here.
  2. While you are over there you can also indulge in some little smut or my first volume of unedited uglies I set upon the world. Check that out here.
  3. Recently Remittance Girl posted a fantastic post on the ERWA blog about criticism and erotica. I think it bears reading whether you write erotica or not. Find that here.
  4. Another of my long standing literary crushes Tony DuShane wrote about Nick Cave on The Rumpus. True fact, I like Tony so much (fuck I’m a creepy baby) I wrote about him rejecting me about ten years ago. You can see that here. 
  5. Just go read this interview with Junot Diaz. Shh, don’t talk just go read it.
  6. Speaking of writers I adore my friend Anna March has a kickstarter thing going for her new book. If you can’t donate please give her a big old signal boost. Her writing delights me and I will be meeting her in Portland next month and it’s gonna be awesome.

I think that’s all for now. Go forth. Check out this stuff because it’s all pretty awesome.


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