Some shit happened.

So earlier this week I had my first Indie Author Big Deal Oh Shit moment.

My self care guide has sold pretty well and I hadn’t checked out the numbers on it.

And then I did.

According to Smashwords they reversed the charges on numerous fraudulent purchased.

For me that was money to the tune of about 300-400$.

That was my laptop money or my Winter clothing money.

I completely freaked out. I didn’t cry because I was at work and I don’t do that but, it hurt me so badly.

I posted about it on tumblr and a bunch of new people bought the book and have said some of the sweetest nicest things ever.

I also realized I’ve gotten some really awesome reviews.

That makes me feel so good. All the people who have emailed/contacted me to say thank you and that they needed to see those words spoken to them directly has just, fuck y’all it makes me feel like I”m doing good in the Universe.

My initial response to this (and I know it wasn’t personal, people steal shit) was that I wanted to take down the book and bullshit.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot and instead of that, fuck the thieves.

I am keeping it 2$. I am leaving it available.

I am also going to try and write something bigger, better and perhaps novella length on self care as well but I’m putting that on the backburner. I might do that for nanowrimo.

So there’s that.

In other DIY indie news. I’ve decided to put together a little print based zine type thing to sell. I am doing a slightly grungy version to sell at my table at the Unchaste readers thing and I am going to try to afford making more to sell on Etsy or something.

What else?

I also wrote a special story for Unchaste readers. If I don’t submit it somewhere I will make it available to read for free.I might even try to record myself reading it so you’ll feel like you were there.

I learned about Artist Trading cards just now. I’m wondering if I can make some of those relating to self care/my little book. My brain, oh how she churns.

I’m putting that aside for the moment.

Since my last post writing related things have been such a mixed bag. Heartbroken, sad, upset, angry, elated and thankful are just some of the feelings i’m having. Add in some EPIC PMS. Seriously I haven’t had mood swinging wanting to punch/fuck/kill/eat everything type PMS in a while.

So yeah some shit has happened.

In writing work news.

I managed to squeeze out a submission, I logged a couple of new rejections. As per Duotrope my current overall acceptance rate is 22.9%* and I’m doing my level best to drive that number down.  To do that I’m hoping to be able to get out another 4 submissions this month. Getting ready for my reading (read being alternately nervous and super excited) has taken me over so I’m still not back to my usual volume of submissions and rejections.

All in (non fiction/fiction) I have 5 piece out in the wild right now and two that are about 99% ready to be released into the hands of zines.

I feel like I may need to pull one of those submissions, the zine stopped updating right after I submitted. Yes, I had a moment of writer paranoia that the editor hated what I sent so much they shut it down. I know that’s probably not true but I thought about it.

I might even submit some more poetry someplace.

Okay that’s all I have a shitload of work to do today and this is not helping.

If you’d like to buy the self care guide you can go to the link on the bottom right and buy away.



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