Big Ol’ Promotional post.


First I am doing my first reading (that I was invited to) on Monday October 15 2012 in Portland Oregon.

YES I am even traveling for this.

Portland you are not ready for any of this.


You can get info here on facebook.

I am super excited. There will be pictures and perhaps video when I come back.

Next up, how about spending two dollars and treating yourself to some self care realness?


This little thing is advice about survival, how and why to care for yourself. It is imperfect as I am but it is my heart in a little ebook. Take a bite.

Feel the need for a little smutty story?

I’ve got that too.

Click here to check out my hetero flavored smutty story Morning Heat. Also available on smashwords.

If you’re in the mood for some unedited new and old stuff check out my author page on Amazon. You can check out my two little collections and some other print media I am in. Holy crap!

Coming soon I will have what I am calling Lit Cards. Tiny stories and poems hand glued into pretty cards. Each signed and numbered by yours truly. If I get to feeling fancy I might even offer a limited run of hand colored ones as well.

If none of that suits you, you can always like, share and repost my links. You can drop a tip in the bucket on your right. Or you can just keep coming back because I like y’all.

Thank you.

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