Dreaming Sherman Alexie

If you don’t know who Sherman Alexie is first what have you been doing with your life and second he is an author I like a lot.

I have read his work, heard him speak and admired him for years and the past let’s say two months Mr. Alexie has been very present in my life. Recently I read his story in The Speed Chronicles. There is a line in the story about one of the characters War Dancing on speed.

The image has been haunting me since I read the book. I had a dream I was at one of those huge All Nations type Powwows and saw that kind of dancer. It wasn’t just an All Nations event but, all peoples. There were peoples and dancers from places and tribes beyond any understanding I have and it was so beautiful. The visceral pull of ancestors and blood and energy made me want to dance like I was on meth and full of joy.

The day or day after that dream I listened to him read someone else’s story on the New Yorker Fiction Podcast. I had forgotten what his voice sounds like and when I reread his story in The Speed Chronicles I could hear it in my ear in his voice and it was a beautiful thing.

Aside from fangirl yammerings, my point here is how much I admire the skill to create a small line in a great story that is haunting and so beautiful. It moves me.

Now how about some news?

I have new flash fiction up at Used Furniture Review. My tiny story No Habla can be found here.

Can I tell you how excited I was to finally have that story accepted? Looking over the stats on it, it was rejected five times before it was accepted. Three of those were those painful we love the story, we love how you write but not for us type.

What else?

Oh I posted this on tumblr last night and I’ll share it here too.  I’m going to brag and flap my chicken wings for a minute.

Click to make it bigger.

Essentially my current acceptance rate is 25%.

I’ve made 44 total submissions in the last calendar 12 months.

A few other stats that I am pretty proud of.

Since 9/10/2011 I have gotten rejected 54 times.  Unfortunately I didn’t think to keep track outside of Duotrope about my actual submissions numbers beyond what they keep track of.

The past couple of years have been pretty huge for me. I am doing things I am shit scared of.

Monday night, I take another off of my list.

Now if y’all will excuse me I’ve got shit to write.



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