The reading, the outfit the adventure.

I’m back from my actual vacation.

The HR lady where I work mentioned how delighted she was to see me take a vacation rather than not being here/using my vacation hours because I was sick.

SO my reading.

I was so nervous I didn’t actually sleep at all the night before. I did some laundry and waited to leave. My partner and I took the BoltBus down to Portland which wasn’t bad. I liked it.

I had some wardrobe issues- I thought it would be too cold for my see thru/make Portland look at my fatness outfit so I wore this instead:

We stayed in a delightfully fleabag motel, it was cute and kind of weird enough to make me happy.

The reading itself.

I was so nervous, so so nervous. Milcah and my friends Royce and Distorria were all there which made me feel so much better.

I was thankfully not up first, I went fourth in the line up and went over time but I wanted to read that story so badly.

I’m going to reformat the story and offer it as a free download later this week.

So I made it through my reading, I didn’t stutter. I lost my place once. Uniballer my partner reported that I projected and afterwards a few people asked if I was an actor or did voiceover work. I didn’t tell everyone that I learned most of my speaking tricks doing phone sex.

People I don’t know loved the story, a couple of the other authors loved my story.

Honestly it still trips my shit right out when authors I don’t know compliment my work. It still feels unreal that strangers have even read me.

Hopefully there will be video I can share.

Other highlights, I unleashed my aggressive hugging attack on Milcah, Distorria and Royce.

What else?

I got two new acceptances since my last post. Two pieces that I have had trouble placing before. One goes live on the 30th the other goes live next June.

Overall it gave me a bit of an ego boost and I am feeling good about writing things.

I have more serious entries to write about. How tired I am of White people who are tired of talking about/hearing about their privilege and how much that makes me start side eyeing the fuck out of them.

Um..someone HA I remembered. Blake Butler at Vice said:


I frankly only read it because of the title. I’m not sure if that was cheeky or whatever but I liked his list of things. Most of all the title of course.  It put things on my tongue. I’ll get to them.

OH also if you aren’t already go subscribe to the Rumpus letters in the mail thing and I will sit here and be mad jealous. I might try to get myself a subscription for Giftmas but I’m already leaning towards joining AWP. I dunno. But go join so you can get a letter from Roxane.

Go read ALL of Antonia’s Good News.

OH speaking of the Rumpus, go read Nick Cave Monday. No seriously, go right now.

I think that’s all for right now.

I have work to do.


One thought on “The reading, the outfit the adventure.

  1. Sure wish I could have been there. I knew you’d do the thing up right, though, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that you received many compliments afterward. Congratulations on what I’m sure was merely the first of many successful and affecting readings!

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