Oh the things you’ll see.

I am feeling some kind of way about a lot of things right now.

So because I can’t actually use words for my feelings let’s talk about my newest piece that got published.

The Female of the Species over at Linguistic Erosion.

This story was renamed, rewritten, I took out some of the more sexual bits and it got rejected about seven times all told.

I was so happy this got picked up. I feel like a lot of female protagonists are not talking about their own awfulness and not repenting for that awfulness. It’s one of those holes in the female* narrative that is missing all too often for me.  Thus I write it and sometimes people who are not me like it.

Recently there have been some things I’ve been linked to and honestly I just can’t with a lot of what I’m reading. While rationally I do realize that a tale of woe that starts with the Fat Miserable Girl trope who then does something that involves not being fat anymore and suddenly she’s a better more wonderful person- sells it bores me and doesn’t speak to me. Probably because I am a fat person for whom epic weightloss did nothing but make me miserable.

Also I don’t personally ascribe to the notion of weightloss as the ultimate female redemption.

There has to be more.

I know that at least superficially I am supposed to feel all sisterly/rah rah about other female writers but sometimes I honestly just can’t. I just get so frustrated with so many Ladylike narratives, so many Thin Pretty White Lady Narratives, so much of what I read around at places just feels like it has nothing to do with me ever at all I get tired reading it.

So is the woe of the picky Black lady.

This happens to me sometimes.

So what am I reading?

I’ve actually been reading some really kick ass stuff.

I was alerted about the return of ThugLit by Court Merrigan. I’d read a previous incarnation of ThugLit and frankly this revamped issue one is hot fucking shit. The stories have a really beautiful range in tone, language, setting etc that often genre magazines miss. This is as I said hot shit. You should read it. Also go read Mr. Merrigan there, I am into what he does.

Also go read this piece at The Rumpus by Roxane Gay. If you’re new here, you should know I have the kind of worst crush on Roxane ever. Also she was really nice to me when I sent her a nerdy ass note.  Actually while you’re there, you should just read all of her things.

Another feature I’m enamored of on the Rumpus lately is Nick Cave Monday as penned by another author of whom I’m very fond Tony DuShane.  Go, read it.

If it weren’t for the lovely Anna March, I would have missed this piece in Salon because I’m not a fan of Salon but go read it. It’s really beautiful. I will actually be going back to Salon to check out for more of Laura’s work.

ALSO shit go read this piece by Antonia Crane whom I also have a terrible terrible crush on.

What else?

Oh tomorrow to celebrate Samhain/my anniversary with my partner I will be offering for free both my first humorous horror story I ever had published AND some flash sized horror themed erotica.

WIN right?

I think I will upload them to smashwords for free.

What else?

OH I want to start/confirm an internet rumor. Ready?

Milcah Orbacedo is not only super gorgeous in person but she also smells like a delicious little dessert.  She also touched my butt so there.

I have work to do.

I will return tomorrow with links and some talk about Nanowrimo because I think I’m diving back into my flavor of horror without the nerd spirals of doom or shyness. I think I am ready.



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