Words it finds.

At some point among the incredibly racist ass bullshit I have seen on the internet, weeping White people and cries about how all us bad old darkies are ruining “merica I found good words.

I woke up today ragey, my head full of shit.

And then I’ve been reading so many beautiful words.

I was also reminded that I know some of the most beautiful smart amazing fucking women on the planet and some of them love me enough to let me express my innermost crazy feelings without judgement and that’s good.

In other less ragey news, Nanowrimo is going very well. I’m having an interesting experience. I’m letting myself just go with this werewolf (although I’m avoiding using that word) lore I am creating.

I am experiencing a kind of looseness that my previous attempts at writing something longer have lacked. I’m not tense about it.

To give a more grown up author overview. This is the supernatural tale of wolf politics in the modern world, genetic manipulation and the truth behind the Westcoast Wars.

Or something.

What else?

Holy shit my current acceptance rate is 29 fucking percent. That is insane. Also insane is the fact that because of my Nanowrimo focus, I only have 3 pieces out. I feel like I should call all three lost. Long months waiting with more recent submissions responded to.

Everybody hates me I’m gonna go eat worms.

One of those submissions is one of those big swing types I make every now and then.

I’m working on a couple of other little stories. One of them has been painful to write because it draws more on my lived experiences in a way than most anything else I’ve written. It hurts because it’s the truth in fiction and doing the truth i fiction is fucking painful.

I am also having some professional writer type angst that I don’t really know what to do with/what the answer is. There are things I need writer assistance with deciding so I’ll probably post about it when I feel less stupid about asking in the first place.

Okay I think that’s all.

OH no wait, I have kindle on my phone and just bought this by Remittance Girl from Burning Book Press.

I can’t wait to finish it.


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