When she makes magic.

Full disclosure.

First you should know that all I’m doing today is talking about my dear friend and someone I admire and love deeply Remittance Girl.

If you’re not familiar with her work, go back and read this entry with an interview I did with her.

Okay let’s get started.

First of all for background I was reading RG years before I ever said hello. I don’t recall if it was a writers list or via twitter or whatever but yes, I adore her.

Next I need you to read this post from the ERWA blog that she wrote.

If you don’t want to read it now read this bit:

But our challenge, as writers of the erotic, is to take that on. Not to flinch, not to look away, not to cheat by reducing the acts or the characters we write to caricatures or myths, or take refuge in the more socially acceptable sanctuary of romantic love.  And that’s why, unless our culture changes radically, we will always be transgressors in the literary world when we pursue the task of writing the erotic.

Now this is from the end is and is the part that speaks the most to me personally as an author.

Over the years I have realized that the work I do that moves me, that makes me feel the best as an author are always the things that hurt. They smart. In the last say five years or so, I have really tried to unlearn restraint.

Especially when it comes to writing erotica.

If you look at the story I posted the other day, this is clearly not a woman speaking who is necessarily after the warm gooshy feelings of love. She wants fuck. She wants degredation and to be punched in the mouth. In another story I have tucked away, the two characters are not quite hate fucking but absolutely not making love.

They are complicated.

I believe RG is correct about this not flinching being one of the reasons erotica will always be transgressive.

Outside of the usual heteronormative framework of boy meets, girl, dates, maybe fucks eventually everything turns out okay in the end, every other desire becomes transgressive.

More so if you consider that this framework is part of the White heterosexual is the default, everything else is outside of that and therefor becomes a transgression simple because it is not that.

This is not something I will argue about because it’s simply true.

Even in the context of LGBT fiction, anything outside of the very normative whiteness of it all is outsider.

This is something I wrestled with once upon a time. When I thought the only sites who would publish me would be the odd erotic website. Back then, I wrote what I felt I had to write in order for my writing to be published.

Everyone in my stories was thin, white and beautiful.

I hated a lot of them but I wrote them because sometimes I made a little money but mostly I just wanted my stories to be read.

Because I am not into those things, the normative ideas about sex beauty and romance, I spent a lot of time just trying to make it work. Occasionally I got in my subversive ideas. A lot of the time those “subversions” included such shockers as interracial sex that was not focused on the aspect of OMG BLACK ASS, fat lusty women without any fat asshole tropes or objectification, drugs all sorts of shit.

And then I stopped writing erotica all together save for filthy little things I sent to friends or kept for myself.

It is frankly exhausting to produce work that you know is outside of a.) what is selling like hotcakes and b.) will be challenging to people who rely on normative things for comfort and enjoyment.

Let me say here as well that if what you like is boy meets girl happily ever after type things, that is perfectly okay. If you read 50 Shades of Grey and think it is the epitome of awesome that’s great too.

For the people who don’t feel that way or need something different things can be exhausting. It’s demoralizing to a degree. It’s a hard spot to get through.

Back to RG.

As we know I love her work.

I just recently bought this book by her on kindle and have been reading it on my phone.

I’m going to try not to give too much away here.

So the main female character Sophie, I can’t stand her. I want to gag her and slap her. This is when RG does magic, because of my dislike of Sophie I love the male character that much more. The way he is written and how he treats her makes me empathize and want to see Sophie evolve as a character which, as I get further into the book is done masterfully.

This is why I love RG’s work so much and the thing I need to be turned on.

And yes, this story is hot stem to knee (I’m not quite to stern yet).

Frequently heterosexual sex doesn’t do it for me but because this is so well written, it’s fucking hot.

I’m saying you should read it.

Also she has a new book out which I will be buying sometime soon and you should read that one as well.

What I’m really saying here is that, I need from both the creative end and the enjoyment end for things to have some roughness. I don’t need pretty white people having nice safe sex.

It keeps me going. It turns me on. It gets me off.

In a world full of so many things that annoy, hurt and bore me writers who do this kind of magic keep me going.

It’s what I strive for in my own writing.

In summation, Remittance Girl=mother fucking beauty and I am eternally grateful for having discovered her and other authors like her.

That’s all.


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