I do it all wrong.

I’ve just signed up at LitReactor for a basic membership. I was a member of The Cult as it was a long ass time ago prior to having to pay to participate in the workshops.

I’ve been a member of the ERWA list for years as well although I rarely if ever post to the writing related list at all and the storytime list not in more than a year now.

It seems to me that even though for years I keep hearing workshop work shop workshop things, I feel like that never works out for me personally and I think I am doing it wrong in general.

At this point I think I have nailed a lot of my issue. I am not good at pre gaming what I’m writing to know if I’ll have something ready for the next workshop/meeting what have you. I have worked non standard business hours at my job for so long I gave up hope of finding a group I would have time for. I’m poor so money for monthly things is pretty much still a no go for me in a lot of ways. I really have to pick and choose what I’m going to spend 15-20 dollars on per month.

Right now I am not paying for website memberships but am using my 15$ a month for audiobooks.

So the blend of economics, scheduling and how I work as a writer tends to make my participation in workshop flavored things not a priority for me.

I did try an in person with some other lady writers group thing here in Seattle once upon a time.

That was my first exposure to people who are in no universe ever going to be my audience and how uncomfortable I am when I try to make my work nicer than it actually is. It was pretty bad. I hung in there for about four meetings but was asked very politely not to return after I brought my folder full of undone stories and some of the ladies got a gander at one of the rough trade gay porn stories I wrote a lot of back then.

Sometimes I feel like I should alter my process and then I remember how horribly that tends to go for me. So I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and play around in lit ponds I like.

In other news.

I’m in a weird place right now. My acceptance rate for the past few months is insanely high. I have three last pieces out (note to self send queries today it’s been months now) and I have nothing new ready to be released into the wilds and rejected.

I think that I am going to try to concentrate on finishing the stories I have that are near completion and hopefully by the end of the year have 5-7 new ones ready to go. I’m also going to try something new and write a few specific pieces for markets that aren’t opening up until after the new year.

I think I’m about ready to re-enter the erotica markets. I’m still working on my hood noir things.

What else?

OH one of my recent acceptances was a first. My first hood noir story got accepted finally and tucked into a future issue of a magazine to come out in June. That’s never happened before. I’ve had some pieces to up at some point but not one slated for a particular issue so far in advance like that. In a magazine I have been lusting after for a long while.

I think that’s all for right now. I need to track down a couple of links that I think I missed putting on my website. Update said website then write like a mother fucker.

Also brace yourselves I will probably be fawning and yammering more about Remittance Girl soon because I found out this weekend that Gaijin has been re-released and I want to read it again.



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