On the right path to rejection.

Regardless of my mad dash nanowrimo writing, I have made some submissions this month.

Two have been rejected thus far. Both personal rejections. One was actually a spot on rejection and I was butthurt for five minutes and then realized that, that particular story is just going to be told that way and some folks aren’t gonna be into it.

So I do what I do.

Antonia posted this thingy from The Millions on FB today. This bit is especially fine to me:

10. Celebrate rejection. I’m not kidding. Each rejection is a chance you gave your story to live in the minds of readers; each, an opportunity to toughen your writerly skin. Mark milestone rejections by subscribing to the journal that didn’t take you. I did this when I received my 200th rejection – and in so doing, I owned the rejection, instead of letting it own me. Now, each month when One Story arrives, I’m reminded of my triumph.

I think that’s a wonderful idea. It’s a hard one to believe but I do think it is important to celebrate because getting rejected means you’re working right?

I’m still charting my way to 100 rejections since 09-2012. I just logged numbers 55 and 56.

I also still indulge in Uncle Steve’s advice to allow myself to have hurt feelings and sometimes a bit of a snit when I get rejected. I limit myself to about five to ten minutes and then move along.

So I pouted a bit earlier.

Then I got to work and have been doing some more market research. Read, read, rinse repeat.

I saw this via Poets and Writers and like it. Go read it.

What else?

As is tradition with me towards the end of the year I get navel gazey along with everyone else.

I am settling on writing related goals and whatnot for next year.

What about this year?

I think I’ve done pretty well. I’m submitting more often, writing more, getting rejected more. I went to an event I was invited to and read my work in front of strangers. Some of whom hugged me and told me they loved the story (note to self pull the fucking video already and put it up).

I still haven’t purchased a lap top. I have some issues with spending that much money on something that is pretty much going to be only for writing business. It feels like some kind of big fail filled leap.

Similarly I am probably going to join both AWP and PEN. Investments?

These things make me nervous.  I have always had a lot of issues investing in myself. Investing actual dollars I worked hard for in things that aren’t necessary for survival. I’m working on that and whatnot but sometimes, especially when it’s writing related I get real nervous.

I’m nervous right now.

Now I’m stalling. I have shit to do. More things to send out into the wild to be rejected.

I should take my cold drugs first. Christ this cold has just kicked my ass real hard and I’m real done with being sick. I’m over it, I’d like to be able to think clearly and not cough everytime I chuckle.

Fuck sake body get with the program.

Okay, bye for now.


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