Greedy greedy greedy.

I’m in a mood.

So I want to show you all the books I want so I can showcase my holiday season greed.

Also note, I don’t actually celebrate any Christ related holiday.

First via the Akashic Newsletter I got this morning. The Heroin Chronicles edited by Jerry Stahl is on my list. I’ve read the other drug Chronicles and we know I’m a major Akashic/Stahl/Drug story fangirl so I want it.

I want the Pank Holiday package of fucking awesome. I mean..come on now.

I want a Duotrope subscription.

More Jerry Stahl? Okay. This one isn’t out yet but I want Bad Sex on Speed.

I read Rust and Bone by Craig Davidson quite a long time ago and promptly forgot his name/the name of the book. There is a story in that called On Sleepless Roads that haunted me literally for years. And then I don’t know how his name popped right into my head a while back and now I want his book The Fighter.

I want things from The Rumpus. A write like a mother fucker mug and a subscription to Letters in the Mail.

What else do I want?

More space in my house to bellydance. I want to find a club where I can go with ladyfriends and bootyshake/dance real nasty (yes I like that shit) and not be groped or otherwise bothered.

I miss the days of having the time and money to hit the after hours and dance like a wild Fuck Goddess for hours until I felt better. Lots of close, nasty, girl on girl grinding (not all about grinding with dudes, sorry dudes too many of you think it’s fucking), put on music like this  get me some hot girls in various sorts of skimpy clothes, I want a handfull of ass and mingled sweat and not for serious dancefloor kisses. Sweat off all your make up fuck up your weave and still dance. Twerk like you gotta pay the rent. But for the joy of being in the same room as a bunch of other hot ass women shaking their shit.

And then everyone goes home.

Everyone is happy. I suppose this is what I miss about being around the strippers I worked with/loved. We did that sort of thing together a lot.

I also want

I want to be read more stories. I want to get settled on a laptop so I can save a bit more effectively.

What else do I want?

I need a new little black dress. I want ridiculous shoes to go with it.

I don’t know.

I want more books, more words,  boots, dancing, sweating for the joy of sweating, etc etc.

So there you have it.

That’s all for right now.


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