I’m working on finishing/writing new material right now.

I have 1 piece that got a very sweet rejection that I can send back out into the wild but other than that my supply is tapped.

I have plenty of scraps to play with.

Ideas half fleshed out in txt files and whatnot.

How I work is I will work on a story until my mood changes or I am undecided about what to do next. I move to the next thing. This actually works out pretty well for me, normally I can finish up four to six or so stories in a few weeks this way.

Of course there is also the cache of handwritten tidbits and odd blobs in my notebook. Angsty poems and whatnot.

I put some awful tv on in another tab, go about my dayjob duties and type away until shit is done.

I also signed up for my Duotrope subscription. As much as I dislike some of what they’ve said/how they’ve handled this new pay thing, I use duotrope enough that I have conned myself into believing I should pay.

I suppose this means in 2013 I should try to make some money writing.

Everytime I read about not working for free, I have this moment where I ugly laugh out loud.

If I demanded payment, I would not get published at this point. So is the woe of the unfamous non internet darling writer.

I am in a mood. I know tis the season that everyone wants money for something and my inbox is full daily of kickstarter and other fundraiser things.

I have to confess that when people who are famous in literary circles, have books out and are getting paid want money for things that I’m honestly totally disinterested in, I’m a bit less likely to buy their future books. I know I shouldn’t make it personal but sometimes I can’t help myself.

I think it’s the heavy handed YOU MUST SUPPORT ME/THE ARTS etc. I don’t like the message that if I don’t give money for something that I may not be interested in, I must be an art hating asshole. I really -really- hate the whole idea of having the ability to financially support other artists/writers be some kind of deal breaker or presumption of assholeness.

Sometimes I want to answer those emails and ask if when I am short money for lunch or rent or the lightbill, (things that support the arts too, a girl has to have electricity to use a computer) am I still an art hating asshole?

Oh my. I don’t want to go on a class rant so I’ll stop there. Suffice to say, I’m a little annoyed and suffering poor people feelings.

More so when those people only ever seem to support their friends.

I don’t know.

Now I’m going to eat something, make another pot of excellent English Breakfast tea and continue to write like a mother fucker.

Also, I forgot this morning that I’m not famous and almost asked Akashic for review copies. LOL at myself forever.



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