I lived in the future. 2012 in review.

First, I made my fifty submission mark.

Fifty mother fucking submissions this year.

Holy shit right?

Holy shit.

A lot of important thing happened to my writing this year. I read for the first time at an event I was invited to, I am writing stories that I care about. This year I got 9 acceptances. Not a career high but all serious quality to me.

What else happened?

I started writing erotica again. And horror and dabbling my toes in fantasy. All genres I love dearly but had decided not to pursue anymore for reasons I don’t entirely remember.

This little blog.

Oh my gosh.

A few of my posts grew some little fairy wings and flew around the internet. That was highly unexpected,

Essentially, I feel like this has been a good year for my writing. I learned some more things. I tried some new things.

I’ve been reading really lovely things and stopped reading things that piss me off.

So what’s next?

I’m going to not do a lot of submitting probably through February so I can beef up my stock of stories to fling out into the universe. There will be more erotica, I’m going to continue working out my Hood Noir ideas, I’m going to more seriously try this fantasy deal, more horror.

I will experiment more with voice and POV.

I will write like a mother fucker.

That’s all.

No wait, hi you people. You people who have been reading here. Thank you for visiting. I’m not great at interaction but I know you visit and I am terribly pleased. I did not expect anyone (strangers no less) to read my craft yammerings.

I appreciate you.

Thank you.

Now go forth, write and read like mother fuckers. Have a safe and delightful new year.


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