Words in the New Year.

I just finished reading Dermaphoria by Craig Clevenger. Watch him read some of it here. We know how much I love hearing authors read and that video makes me happy.

I honestly don’t know how I missed reading it when it came out. I remember seeing it around and wanting it but I get distracted and forget. I picked up a copy when I bought books on Black Friday and I am so glad I did.

Often when people write from inside a drug they tend to try too hard. I’ve read a lot of over the top OMG I TOOK ONE TOKE AND ATE A WHOLE CAKE type writing and I don’t like that. Probably because I’ve done a shitload of drugs in my life and know when people are just giving it too much.

This book is not that. It is beautiful and broken, it’s weird in places. The way it’s written just makes me really happy. This is the kind of shit that I find wonderful and good for my brain.

I found this quote on the Goodreads page and it is pretty emblematic of why I like this book so much:

“Everything in the universe is everything else. A man is a killer is a saint is a monkey is a cockroach is a goldfish is a whale, and the Devil is just the angel who asked for More.”

I am such an awful reviewer. I don’t know what else to say precisely except that this is what makes me happy to read.

What else do I like?

I saw this over at HTMLGIANT and I am not familiar with this author but I love LOVE the trailer video.

I have become a little obsessed with book trailers. Beyond slideshows, I like these tiny interesting films. I’ve been a fan of small weird bits of film. I love Fashion Films and have always wanted to make some. My entire lack of know how about doing that kind of thing is very intimidating to me.

As I get older I’m trying to shed that reticence to try things I find too beautiful and beyond my capabilities. It’s hard though, it’s one of those ingrained you are not the kind of person who does this thing.

What else am I enjoying?

I’m reading Thuglit Issue 2. Ugh fuck man, one of the pieces in it that I just finished kicked me in the teeth hard. JUST LIKE MARIA by Mike MacLean is the one that just hit me. I’m just looking up more of his work because god damn.  I am honestly really into what Thuglit is doing. I’ll be picking up issue 3 as well.

I had a little bit of a melt down of fandom and love when I read the Zadie Smith interview in The Rumpus because one of my favorite authors talked about one of my favorite authors.

I teach a course on the 20th century novel and I teach a Dennis Cooper novel, a great novel, called My Loose Thread. A lot of my class are against it, you know, or take it personally, or find it aggressive. Cooper is one of those people who writes very specifically for the people he wants to attract towards him. It’s an incredibly narrow group of people, and that is one way of writing. It’s just not natural to me. So I admire it when I see it, but I also like this idea that prose is open enough to let the cool and the uncool and the old and the young, whoever. I like people, so I like to be around them one way or another.

Do other people do that?

It’s not a bad melt down it’s just I can’t handle it for a minute and I feel very emotional and whatnot. I want to flail and yell at people HOLY FUCKING SHIT LOOK AT THIS…

While I am in the midst of writing new material I find that I am so appreciative of finding things to read and look at that thrill me or bother me.

I’m very thankful for the internet, youtube and my vast musical archives at home.

That’s all for right now. Off to go do that whole writing thing.


4 thoughts on “Words in the New Year.

  1. Hi Shannon:
    Your article about the Vatican is very incorrect.

    You write: “Vatican In Trouble For Money Laundering And We Aren’t Surprised”, but this isn’t true at all.

    If you read the article you linked, from the Globe and Mail, you’ll see that their credit card processing is not up to date with the latest security systems to prevent money laundering–but no one has accused them of money laundering except for you and the blog you linked to.

    Apologies for having to point this out: just wanted you to know that your article had gone awry! Best.

    1. I only approved this because I wanted to let you know you may need to reread this entry. It’s not about the vatican. I’ve never written about the vatican. Being that you address me by name, I wonder how you got Vatican from anything I said.

      1. streever

        My apologies, I thought you were the writer Shannon Barber who recently wrote a piece for addicting info on the Vatican! My mistake.

      2. You may want to make an account to comment at Addicting Info. Even if I had written the article, this being a personal blog isn’t really the appropriate place to comment on an article written elsewhere unless I had mentioned it.

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