Candy and bullshit.


I finished reading The June Issue of Everyday Genius.

I really enjoyed it. The diversity of style, subject matter and even some formatting delighted me. Noah Eli Gordon’s poem Why I am Not an Academic was lovely.  I really love the art on the cover and on the inside.  The whole little book is a good experience from cover to the kitty at the end.

I love collections/anthologies so much. I was familiar with some of the authors and some like Noah there are new to me.  I feel like I’m being fed tiny morsels of delicious desserts. My strak of good words in the new year continue.

I just started reading the January 2012 edition of Poetry Magazine.  This poem Among the Gorgons by  Michelle Boisseau is fucking gorgeous. You can listen to her read it there at the link. I’m not reading this in order. I’ve been skipping around in the magazine and there are some really beautiful poems in this edition. Another one I recommend picking up.

Words in the New Year are amazing. I have three paperbacks of varying sizes in my bag right now and though one of them is a chunky little thing I am so happy. I noticed last night that when I’m in a write like a mother fucker and make ALL THE THINGS mood I tend to read far less critically. I just want to enjoy, I want to be fed nutritive bits of words to support me through writing my own.

I also have less patience for what I tend to see as useless criticisms. I have a hard time reading some of the conversations at websites I frequent because I am not sure if people are just trying to out clever each other or are being real. My tolerance for that kind of thing is fairly low as it is but when I’m in this particular mood it vanishes.

What else?

How about some other stuff to read?

This article at Litreactor is on a lesson it took me years to learn. For years if something wasn’t perfect right out of my brain I tossed it. I enjoy a lot of the articles over there and have been posting comments and in the forums when I remember but I’m terrible at that sort of thing.

You should also probably go read the December issue of Pank if you haven’t already. This story by Tawnysha Greene, oh shit. Seriously, I read it twice and both times said out loud Oh. Shit. Not in a bad way you understand, more in my absurd hand flapping holy fucking shit this is good what do I do now kind of way.

OH the Rumpus is doing a thing with their Last Book I loved series over on Tumblr.  Do you tumblr? I do and you can find it here. Don’t expect greatness there. My tumblr is basically me cracking my skull and dumping my brain out on the internet. It really is an archive of the random shit that goes through my head, fashion, photos, squeeing.

Did I mention I got two more acceptances? Both poetry to the same zine. It’s rare I get poetry accepted and more rare that I have more than one accepted and I am very excited about that.

Can we talk about Antonia Crane’s Thighs? She wrote an essay that is up at right now called My Lucky Thunder Thighs.  We know I love how she writes and that I really enjoy this essay. Outside of their comments sections being full of douchebags,  I’m not a Salon fan and frankly looking at their Body Issues section I am unmoved to tell the truth. From the stock photography (really kills some of the beautiful content, See Anna March’s piece here) to well..yeah. I don’t like Salon. If I read it, it’s only to read people I already know.

Antonia’s piece inspired me to write my own little body thing. Not something I would try to get into Salon ever because I’m fat and would need to add photos of my fatness to go with the piece. Do people do that anymore? I don’t want pro beautiful photos, I’m talking  Instagram styled selfies with #nofilter because I enjoy making people uncomfortable.

This might be something I will have to release myself because I don’t really know where/who would take the piece with the photos.

I think that’s all for now. I need to make a new pot of tea and finish transcribing some new tiny flash pieces and poems.

One last thought, does a tiny essay with photos count as experimental? I don’t know.


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