So many things.

I’ve been reading/looking at a lot of exciting things.

So how about some Monday link salad?

First, I need for you to stop what you’re doing for a half hour and watch/listen to Junot Diaz at Facing Race.  Think about it, spread it around to your friends.

I was reading my email from Akashic this morning and I want this book.

What else?

To see all of the reasons why I need for no one ever to talk to me about how wonderful Lena Dunham is, find all relevant information here.  I swear to everything fluffy and holy if one more person tells me what a feminist victory anything she does is, I’m going to vomit on them. I am not here for YAY Team White Girl feminism where anyone who is not a White girl is marginally human and therefor not really necessary to think about. So just, please nobody else send me anything about her/anything she has to say.

Brevity is having a flash essay contest. I am an avid Brevity reader/lover and I love that they are doing this. I am still working on dipping my toes into flash non fiction that isn’t semi dreamy/fiction flavored.

GO read this piece in the Rumpus. It was written by Thomas Page McBee and this part just killed me:

And then I pictured you, all of you, with your bad breath and fear of failure and bum knees and dashed dreams and credit card debt. I saw you as the plane dropped and lifted, dropped and lifted, and I thought as long as we don’t crash, I will tell you this.

What else?

Illuminati Girl Gang is open for submissions. Go have a looksy here. I’ve been following along for quite a while and like the things they are doing.

And how about some fun? My fellow readers of 1Q84 by Haruki Murakmi have flocked to youtube to hear the Sinfonietta by Janacek that is mentioned so often in the book.listen here on youtubes.  One of the things that I love so much about Murakmi’s writing is how musically obsessed he is. I would like to have a Murakami listening party with a bunch of music from his books. How fun would that be?

Remittance Girl has put out a call I find fascinating and cannot wait to hear the results. To add (in my view) to her already impressive thoughtful discussions about erotica beyond how to write a story, she’s planning a series of podcast/discussions.  I really love how she discusses erotica and eroticism. Some of the deeper academic bits do go over my head at times but, I find the way she talks about these things to be invaluable.

What else is happening?

I am chugging along producing words. I finished some new stories. Some hood horror, some erotica. I wrote some poetry. I’m hoping to continue my little streak until I have a nice juicy fat folder full of things to edit and spend time submitting.

Did I mention I got poetry acceptances? Duotrope says my current acceptance rate all in is 34.3%*.

I’ve spent some time digging through my email to be sure I haven’t missed anything. My rejection spread sheet is full up to number 60. I’m hoping to hit 100 by June maybe.

I think that’s all for right now. I’m going to eat something and do some dayjob duties so I can get to pecking on another experimental horror thing.


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