Stuff happened.

I have a migraine hangover, if you don’t get migraines it is the rebound headache one gets after a bad migraine.

However I have good news.

First, go read my newest non fiction piece called She Didn’t Make it.  This is my first publication of the year.

The next one should be up next month if I recall right.

I am really proud of that piece. It is my second explicitly rly queer piece .

Other good news.

It looks like I will be able to buy the little Chromebook I’ve had my eye on sooner rather than later and I’m really excited about that. My decade old PC (with some newer parts) has been fucking up really badly, the other night I lost three (hard won) pages of work and a few of my other working files have gotten corrupted because my computer hates autosave.

In the meantime I’ve been using my Amazon cloud storage for some documents along with google drive. I’m more than a little paranoid about losing work at this point and I want to finish about five more stories before I get back to regular submitting.

What else?

I still have ten pieces out. I am going to withdraw/consider lost two next week I think.

One of the things I love about Duotrope is that you can see if work that came in after yours has been looked at.

Um…I think that’s all for now I actually can’t really think clearly anymore.

Enjoy the essay.

Come back next week and I’ll review J. Bradley.


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