Happenings in my little lit world.

Remember when I mentioned wanting something this year to pay me enough to pay my Duotrope fees?

Well it happened.

My little self care guide is still selling on Smashwords and I made enough money *with imperfect but sincerely heartfelt words* with writing to pay for Duotrope for the year, but also to provide me with new hair extensions (black and white twists YAY) , shoes (YAY super cheap Danskos) and a few other little odds and ends.

I was not really prepared for that. I haven’t kept up with the profits from that and I’m pretty fucking astonished. After having my book bought fraudulently and losing most of my initial profits I pretty much stopped looking at the profits.

So there you go.

Also don’t forget to read my piece in Toska, there will be a quiz and an entry about it next week. I got a couple of really interesting questions about it.

For right now, I’m going to go work on something that is a labor of love that probably only like four people will read but that makes me very happy.


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