Confessions of a petulant submitter.

I have some confessions to make.

Sometimes, I am a snotty ass unfamous has no right to be such a snob submitter.

For instance.

I have a thing about ugly websites. I have read some fantastic lit mags on the internet that have atrocious eye searing websites. Sometimes I have Angelfire flashbacks. Sparkly text, super bright, multi sized fonts. I won’t submit.

It’s not nice of me since I am neither paying for their sites or being the admin for them.

I just, hate it and can’t stand to see my words all uglyfied.

Yes I make up words.

I’m also finding as I’m doing some more genre specific work, the formatting. Gods, the formatting.

I have to confess. I never use indentation in my work unless it’s for effect.

I don’t mind it in books and whatnot but I don’t use it. I hate the idea of either doing it to get published or yanno not getting published.

I realize this is stupid.

I know, it is not my place to be so snotty about these things. I can’t totally help myself.

I need to do something about that. Remind myself I have no control over these things and I need to bring it down a notch.

I’ll get over it or learn to subdue my snotty tendencies.

I won’t say this is all bad. I did withdraw an erotic story once because the art that was supposed to go with it was of a thin white lady and the story had no thin white lady. I was offended.

There have been other I won’t say racist but let’s say deeply racially insensitive moments like that where my Spidey sense about editorial choices has proven correct.

Therein is another issue.

One of my problems in the erotica markets is the sea of skinny white ladies with their buff white dudes. This is why I tend not to participate in writing challenges in groups because 99% of the time I’m given the mainstream easy perfect porno lady pictures and I just can’t. I’m  not inspired by them.

I don’t want to have stories that are explicitly not the Thin White Lady ideal or thin body centric thing, lost in a sea of tiny assed women in weird positions.

See also why, I’m still kind of not comfortable shopping a book of erotica.

I know that if you put the torso or back view of a skinny white lady on the cover of a book it will sell. I know that. More often than not I see covers that interest me about as much as the idea of douching with Pine Sol and yes I might like or love the author but, I don’t want that to be what goes on with my work.

We see why I will probably never be famous.

I am interested in more self publishing. My ideas about cover images do present a problem. I am not a photographer and don’t really want my picture on every book with a Black person in it. Nor do I want arty air brushed six pack abs on a cover either.

I am thinking of coming up with a cart system for my website that won’t require me to manually send download links to customers. I dunno. I’m kind of frustrated. Not really by low sales but because I can’t come up with a more viable solution.

Or I should just swallow my distaste for the going manner of cover and just get together my erotic chapbook and shop it.

Fuck I don’t know.

I drive myself crazy. This is an aspect of my personality that I have yet to learn to effectively deal with. So I blog.

That’s all. I’m working on my first sci fi flavored thing. I will probably make it a free download at some point.



2 thoughts on “Confessions of a petulant submitter.

  1. “I know, it is not my place to be so snotty about these things.” – Actually, I think it is. Bad designs and poorly thought-out covers cheapen books AND erotica. We’re trying to move away from the world of Mills and Boon shininess, not exacerbate the problem! I will barely submit my stories to anyone, and I refuse to support companies who think having a naked thin white chick, or a shiny six-packed white dude makes up for the lack of care they’ve put into the overall design. No no no no no. And as a writer, I think it is absolutely, 100% your place to be snotty about these things. Who else is going to raise the bar if we don’t feel it’s our place to even mention just how low the bar has slipped? No.

    Good on you for having standards. I’d love to see more of this from other writers.

    1. I am so glad you said that. It’s something I struggle with. Being that I’m not pulling in boatloads of cash for anyone, I do have that guilty sense that I’m absolutely not in charge of these things. I think that’s both inexperience with larger publishing and that I have no clue how to navigate the issue without my lengthy flailing. I want to make it one of the things I try to deal with this year in one way or another.

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