On Experimentation.

I am an experimental sort of person.

I like to play with things for my own amusement.

To that end, I started writing my first swords n sorcery fantasy story.

I was sort of aiming to try out writing for a not strictly adult audience and within a few paragraphs gave that up.

My love story is a crooked pansexual triangle that may not fare well for one of those involved. My queen is a sadist, evil sword swinging type. I love evil queens what can I say.

I am going to take it slow and probably release it for free since it is my first try at this sort of thing.

I’m noticing that a.) not getting bogged down in really nerdy details is really hard and b.) it is really fun to write.

Also this is another case where it might not be erotic fiction but, my characters like to fuck. They clearly like it and I’m not putting it into the type of situation where, it’s a joke or only hinted at. That is something I have trouble with in fantasy stories often. Too often it’s male characters fucking away and getting whores pregnant and making bastards (I’m listening to the audiobook of Game of Thrones right now, it is full of this shit) and the women are either baby crazy (must make an heir) or indifferent.

I hate that.

I loathe the thing of women in genre fiction where they are either weeping, making babies or their only exercise of power is in standing by their man. It bores me.

That being what it is, as I was rereading what I already have written I kind of chuckled at myself because I don’t do that.

I realized as I was pecking away at this story that in all things fictional women, I want them raw and ugly. I want them on their periods or taking a shit or declaring without any special snowflakeness that they want to fuck and they want it right goddamn now. I want them fat and cunty, I want them hairy and giving no fucks, I want them swinging swords and maybe occasionally killing for shits and giggles.

So you know, the same way I want the women I am attracted to.

I am not in the mood for submitting things right now, I want to play.

So I’m playing.

Expect some tidbits from this story that I am callling Cat Woman, Queen and Rook for the moment. I’m not sure how long it’ll be or just where it’s going.

For now here’s your tidbit, and here’s to murderous queens with fucking attitude problems.

Someone had already stripped him of his weapon along with the rag tag remains of his royal guard. He was shoved onto his knees before her.

She tore her helm off and looked down at the man who had threatened not only to take her kingdom and people, but sent lewd and malicious notes to her.

“Understand this before you are stripped of throne and dignity. I would see my entire kingdom burnt and the earth salted and scourged before I would ever, let men like you rule my people. And as for your little notes my liege, I fear your sword is too short.”

She sheathed her sword and pulled a dagger from her belt, as the man gibbered and quaked she took him by his hair and put her mark upon his face as was the custom of her people.




One thought on “On Experimentation.

  1. Catherine Mazur

    You know, I really like the idea of you writing sword & sorcery. Because yeah. I’m tired of how women are written in those books too. I want to see women who are overt about wanting sex, are hungry for it, and aren’t afraid to take what they want. These women are everywhere in real life. That they’ve been erased from a genre that’s primarily dominated by men says something, I think. My husband and I were just talking about this today; I had made some joke about something “that was back when I was trying to get into your pants,” and it led to this whole discussion about how lots of men may say that they would feel relief at women wanting to make the first move, but how in reality most men don’t really want that at all. That’s been my experience, anyway. I’ve never had any problem being overt about sex, showing my hunger for it, and making the first move.

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