Tidbits, news and whatnot.

First a bit of business.

You can read two of my poems,  Coffee Blue and Day/Dreamer respectively on page 5 of the new issue of Aberration Labryinth.\

Two new publications, poetry no less I am no poet, make my ego throb less.

What else?

Writing adventures continue. I am still pecking away at my first swords n sorcery story. I’m finding that the less I let myself go crazy with nerdy details, the more I’m enjoying the storytelling. I like that one of my main characters is a manipulative asshole who will be loved because she is an asshole and not in spite of it.

So this is sort of turning into a queer romancey swords in sorcery story. There will be sex, there will be blood.

Someone might die.

I don’t even know yet.

This is the writer at play.

What else?

I started writing another noirflavored thing. Strippers, big tits, lesbians and drug deals gone bad. Good clean fun.

I think that’s all for today I had more to say but the new firewall at work prevents me from opening the salient links.

Suffice to say, tomorrow I will be fangirling to an excessive degree about a lady I adore.

Here’s another tidbit from teh swords n sorcery story.  No context except to say that this is our second female main character, Makatza who is a Cat Woman.

“Makatza, must you always embarrass them?”

She shrugged and laid her head against his shoulder.

“That’s what they get for being stupid. I’m starving. And I want to get out of my clothes. You did send a runner?”

The priest patted her hand and fondly ruffled one of her ears.

“Yes little cat. I am sure your brave warrior queen awaits you with cakes and fine silks. When will you accept her proposal? It’s not as if you are considering another hand. What are you waiting for?”

Makatza wriggled her whiskers and licked her lips.

“I don’t know. An insane romantic gesture would be nice. And a pet.”

They walked on in silence until a woman came out of the wizards keep, arms open. It was a healer from the Comfort House.

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