Holy crap!

So some good stuff has happened.

I got a very nice note about my story in Thuglit.

I also forgot to mention before but, holy shit. A little experimental erotic flash story I made quite a while ago and had no idea what to do with won a spot in the Solarcide Sinthology. This is a biggy type first. My first contest type thing and my first placement. I’m pretty stoked about that.

Next up I got a lovely (no really super nice) acceptance fro LooseLeaf Tea. You should check it out, the name is cool and it’s a quality zine. I’m super proud of that story because it addresses parts of Blackness that cannot be shoveled into being strictly pain porn nor is it the “Urban” experience. I’m really excited about that.

Next month I’m going to be in the fantastic Yellow Mama with one of my (the first actually) Hood Noir stories.

Later this summer (not sure when) I have some crime, arson and sex erotica coming out in print that I’m super excited about.

Now how about some other stuff to read?

We know how much I love Antonia Crane. You should go read her latest post. Just go read it.

Via Brevity on facebooks, I found out Ireland has done a really cool thing and put an entire story on a stamp. Also for serious I’m no collector of stamps but if any of y’all happen to be in/near to Ireland and might be able to send me one I would paypal you dollars.

Speaking of Brevity. Brian Doyle said the most beautiful thing about the origins of his essay “Sachiel the Tailor” The essay is lovely go read it. Also go read what he said about how it came to be. This part here just moves me. So beautiful.

When he appeared in my memory I could then hear his voice again, and feel the slicing wind down that narrow little street, and so I begin to type, and time is transcended, and space, and loss, and this is one of those sweet powerful holy things about writing that we do not talk enough about, I think; writing is a time machine, writing resurrects, writing gives death the finger.

Seriously. That is just fucking gorgeous.

A magazine I like, Stonecoast review is really wanting some creative non fiction. Go forth and submit.

Check it out. Vida wants words from Vida readers. Click here to see what they said on fb.

I think that’s all for right now. I have work to do.

See anything cool on the internet lately? Written something cool? Feel free to drop a link in the comments and share with the class.


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