This is pretty great.

This is my first night seriously working on my new tiny little computer.

I have decided to name her Bkoop.

I am still so thankful and overwhelmed, thank you again K.

This whole having people I don’t know on a personal level believe in me and my wok in tangible ways is pretty fucking crazy.

Barely a decade ago, I rarely let anyone outside of my partner, my best friend and a few other people read my work. Submitting things made me throw up and more often than not I put myself into the category of hobbyist,

Now people have bought things from me, they read my work. Shit people I don’t know read me here.

It’s really beautiful..

Now how about some writing business news?

I just yesterday logged rejection #82 in my race to 100. I’m super into it.

I have new stuff coming out um, tomorrow and next month and one other thing that I’m not sure about,’

My poetry rejections have been so nice. Even though mags aren’t necessarily wanting to publish them, it means a lot when real poets tell me they enjoyed my poems, I still can’t say out loud that I am a real life poet. I just like to write poems sometimes.

I’m thinking that maybe in October I will do an author site redo. This little computer can do some video so maybe I can do a virtual reading.

Right now I am writing like a mother fucker in order to refill my larder of finished stories. I’m really into flash again,

That’s all for right now. I am wrapped in my trusty leopard print snuggie, naked, with tea at hand and ready to work,


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